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Al - K4GLU 01-02-2010 11:12 AM

More 'Good' News?
Well here is a link to another story for those of you who actually believe anything that guvverment says or that you read in the newspaper.

Poster child for recession shows signs of recovery - Yahoo! News

I haven't actually read this except for the headline. Still think all this so called good news is very premature.

RickDavis 01-02-2010 11:34 AM

I believe there is some truth to this story.
I lease part time to a transport company delivering new trailers.
The transport companies have been reasonably busy all through the fall, even though in the best of times this is the slow season.
I have noticed , at least on our lot , the trend seems to be toward large fifth wheels, and 39 and 40 ft park models. There would appear to be a real increase in activity in the RV industry.

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