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Goin camping 11-22-2009 09:39 AM

Tank valve stuck
The tank is three years old and the valve functioned two months ago. Now it's stuck and won't budge even with persuasion. This is a SoCal trailer. Any thoughts?

azflycaster 11-22-2009 10:15 AM

Milo - Grey, Black, fresh water or propane tank?

Goin camping 11-22-2009 10:43 AM

It's the propane tank.

azflycaster 11-22-2009 10:54 AM

Had this happen on the grill at the house. It's very easy to over tighten these valves. After searching the web and finding no "high tech" solution, I spayed with WD-40, put a pipe wrench on the valve and applied a bunch of torque to it. It was either going to free up or break off. It did free up.

You might want to do this away from the house and the trailer...:brows:

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