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wingfoot321 10-01-2009 01:21 AM

New Converter PD 9245
Just installed a brand new Progressive Dynamics 9245 with remote pendant and two new 115amp hr batteries.

The remote pendant is flashing very fast which means that it is in full charge mode of 14.4 volts.

How long does it take for the unit to fully charge two new batteries and go into the slow flashing mode which is full charge on batteries and powered down to 13.6 volts.

This one has been hooked up to shore power for at least 10 hrs and is still flashing fast.

Any comments with this unit is appreciated.

azflycaster 10-01-2009 04:29 AM

Boost mode is when the led is on solid. I think you are in normal mode.

The Indicator Light on the Converter Status Remote Pendant will display the mode of operation as follows:
  • Light “ON” all of the time – Indicates the unit is in the BOOST MODE and the converter output voltage is 14.4-volts and is in the process of recharging the battery up to 90% of full charge as fast as possible. This mode is usually automatically selected after dry camping
  • Light Blinks Rapidly (every 2-3 seconds) – Indicates the unit is in the NORMAL MODE and the converter output voltage is 13.7-volts. In this mode, the converter is safely completing the charge of the RV battery.
  • Light Blinks Slowly (every 5-6 seconds) – Indicates the unit is in the Storage Mode and the converter output voltage has been lowered to 13.2-volts. In this mode the RV battery is fully charged and the converter is maintaining the charge, without causing gassing or water loss.

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