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InsideOut 07-11-2003 01:58 PM

Vintage Looking Awnings...
Okay, here's one for all you vintage folks...our GlobeTrotter doesn't have an awning, never did. Because our door swings to the right, if we used a ZipDee or other "traditional" awning with arms, the door would only open 90-degrees instead of flat (180-degrees) to the body. I hate that! I have seen vintage trailers both Airstream & SOBs that have more of a post & pole awning (like the RL Trailers), but I've also seen some that are "way retro cool" ~ you know the kind with the scalloped edge & fringe? I've seen them both with & without guy wires & stakes...I would prefer without, less pieces to haul around, set-up & risk losing. I believe this type awning slides into the rail above the door and can be removed when traveling. are my questions...who makes these??? Anybody have one here that can share pros & cons? I want to get an idea of the price for budgeting purposes now that we see the end of our polishing in sight...I'd rather not have to re-invent the wheel if someone knows where I could find one.

I'm open to other just can't have arms that would impede the door!

Shari :cool:

Safari Tim 07-11-2003 02:19 PM


I saw these in a camping world ad I just got yesterday.

I was thinking it may work out nice for me. Looks like it just slides on the awning rail and is rolled up and stored on the trailer during travel.

What do you and others think of putting one of these on an AS?

Trim Line Awning

thenewkid64 07-11-2003 02:40 PM


I was reading somewhere that someone had awnings made like you describe by a local awning comany for a reasonable amount. They can do the scalloped edges, and may be able to give you a design that would preclude ropes and stakes. I understand why the door opens the way it does, they wanted to not block the windows, but it does make current awnings a pain.

One other option is to have the awning not cover the door, have it start further back??? I would check with an expert though before ordering a 6 foot Zipdee :p

InsideOut 07-11-2003 02:48 PM

Tim ~ Close...we saw those too...just not "retro" enough for my tastes...I thought of buying that frame & making the awning part...also, those are made of a vinyl "fabric" instead of canvas...seems like they would hold in the heat to me.

Brett ~ We thought of that too...but a 6' ZipDee is hardly worth the effort or expense...I don't think the shade patch (postage stamp?) would even be useable...

We will go the "custom" route if we don't find a company that has done them like this before....but I gotta think someone's "out there"

Shari :cool:

Jabba 07-11-2003 02:50 PM

Try Canvas Replacements (I think it's We just ordered a post and rope awning from there and they are very nice and easy to deal with. They do custom work and have a variety of different colors to choose from. Also seem to be resonably priced.

We would have preferred going without ropes and stakes, but with a 20 foot awning, can't really be avoided!:D

InsideOut 07-11-2003 02:55 PM

Wow Jason! Your awning is longer than our whole trailer! Have you received it yet? Do they use the Sunbrella fabrics like ZipDee? Post pictures when you can...I'd love to see it!

Shari :)

InsideOut 07-11-2003 03:02 PM

The other thing we are considering is...adding snaps to our window frames and having "mini-awnings" that snap on so when the windows are out, they too have their own awnings...with scallops & fringe, of course!.


Ken J 07-11-2003 03:03 PM


From my view you had three choices - zip dee type, trim line or custom canvas.

I had zip dee when I had a trailer just like yours on both sides, front and rear - you can see, or probably have seen my old Globetrotter in the vintage airstream archives. That trailer had this neat rod that attached to the door hold back latch that allowed the screen to be open and you could still open and close the door - hard to explain, I would probably need to show you, but it did work well and the zips dees were very nice.

I had the trim line on the Traveler and it was self supporting with ropes that I would attach to milk cartons filled with water. Only problem is the "bag" scratched the fininsh + did not look very vintage

The third option is the coolest, but the most hassle - canvas that you have to thread threw the awning rail each time you use it, poles, ropes etc. Over the years those who have had such a set up did not feel it was very convient. Course you could also have a canvas awing that rolls up and kept in place with ties. I've got a couple of old old pictures from back in the 50's if you want to go this route

Actually there is a fourth option, which is what you have now - a ez-up type shelter.

I really liked the zip dee on my globetrotter with the pole thingy

Ken J - currently awningless.......

InsideOut 07-11-2003 03:18 PM

I actually DO know what you are talking about Ken!

That trailer had this neat rod that attached to the door hold back latch that allowed the screen to be open and you could still open and close the door - hard to explain, I would probably need to show you, but it did work well and the zips dees were very nice.
We have friends that have a ZipDee with one of those on their '63 GlobeTrotter. You still can't open the door past 90-degrees though...can you?

I'm wanting the maximum "cool" quotient I can get! Looks like we'll be doing the "custom" thing...would LOVE to see your 50's awning pictures for ideas.

Shari :)

Ken J 07-11-2003 04:14 PM


No you can't open past 90 degrees, however was not a problem because you open then close the door getting into the trailer. The screen just stays open all the time at 90 degrees.

I understand cool is very important - guys know how important that is...... anyway when I get home tonight I'll send you what I have.

I think if I were to do the custom way I would have a canvas shop make the awnings with reinforced holes along the awning rail so I could roll it up tight and put some heavy duty straps to tie the roll against the trailer. I looked at a 57 couple years ago (that I'm still kicking myself for - orginal owner, unused since 1966) and there were tubes under that trailer that held the awing and poles.

Ken J.

InsideOut 07-11-2003 05:27 PM

No hurry Ken...we aren't looking to do this until a "winter project" is needed. We want to have it next spring ~

But we're sure going to be checking out everybody's awnings at the VAC Rally this year!


overlander64 07-11-2003 05:45 PM

Vintage Looking Awnings...
Greetings Shari!

You might try posting your question to the VAC list if you haven't already. Monitor Scott and his wife Lise, have a beautiful pole-type awning on their '60 Overlander that is scallopped and made of Sunbrella fabric of the same pattern used on many Airstream awnings by ZipDee. If my memory serves correct, their awning was made by a local awning company near Cleveland, OH. They also have some very creative "window awnings" that Lise designed and stiched from the same fabric - - their coach won an award for "innovative feature" at, I believe, the Sioux Falls, SD International Rally.


InsideOut 07-11-2003 07:05 PM

VAC List...
Good idea Kevin...done!

Shari :)

Jabba 07-11-2003 10:27 PM

Canvas Replacements does offer the Sunbrella Fabrics. We just ordered it, should have it by the end of the month. We ordered the valances on all three sides, not sure if they do the fringe. Might be worth calling and asking. This was much more affordable for us than a Zip Dee.

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