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Ruben J 04-15-2009 08:33 PM

6-pin connector to AS 7-pin
Well, I've been digging for about 30/45 minutes now, and I haven't yet found any instruction on how to connect my 91 Ford's 6-pin round connector to the AS 7-pin. On my TV's connector, there's no pin designated for stop lamps, charge, or clearance lights to the AS. I was hoping to get everything operating tonight, but it looks like it will have to wait until tomorrow. I'm likely gong to fashion my own umbilical for the time being to mobilize the trailer, if I can't find the parts locally tomorrow to get it done. So, can I just connect the tail and clearance lights on the AS to share the tail light pin on TV? What about AS brake lights? Do I connect them to the electric brake pin on TV? And which pin will supply the charge to the AS charge pin? I read on another thread that someone had successfully acquired the parts to make a properly functioning umbilical, but I don't remember if it was six or seven pin on that TV. Am I making sense?

Kevin245 04-15-2009 08:42 PM

Hey RubenJ,

Do you mean 7-blade? 7-blade to 6-pin adapters are readily available, but 6-pin to 7-blade adapters are harder to come by. They can be special ordered, but the ones I've seen are expensive. Most people change out the old 6-pin connector to the newer 7-blade.

It is not very difficult, or expensive to make the switch.

Ruben J 04-15-2009 08:48 PM

Thanks Kevin245. What I mean, in short, is I need to go from 6-pin round (original post edited) on my TV to the AS 7 pin style, but I'm not sure how to line up the connections that don't share identical designations.

Diesel1 04-15-2009 08:53 PM

The TV taillights hook to the trailer taillights & running lights. The TV plug has has a right turn & left turn wire, hook those two wires to the trailer right turn & left turn wires.The right & left turn is also the brake lights. So if you have left & right turn lights on the trailer you also have brake lights on the trailer. If you have a functioning brake controller in the TV you should have a blue wire at the TV conecter. That goes to the blue trailer wire which will operate your electric trailer brakes. You should have a white wire on the TV connecter, that is the ground. The last,sixth wire, on the TV should be your charge wire to supply 12v to the trailer battery. Adios, John

Kevin245 04-15-2009 09:04 PM

Wiring Diagram
2 Attachment(s)
Here is the typical wiring diagram for 6-pin and 7-blade connections. You need to verify that your AS wiring was not changed by a PO.

Hope this helps.

Ruben J 04-15-2009 09:19 PM

Thanks John. So, let me make sure I understand: you're saying that the tail light connectors double to also illuminate the brake lights on trailer, right? And that the blue wire from TV to operate elec. brakes should connect ONLY to the trailer's elec. brakes, and NOT double to illuminate brake lights on trailer. Amirite?

EDIT: OK. I get it. I'm too antsy to get things going here. Of course the turn sigs and brake lights are the same. Right. Thanks y'all.

Ruben J 04-15-2009 10:29 PM

Thanks for the diagram Kevin245. I found that one too, but helpful just the same.

Now, can someone verify if this is the pigtail adapter I would use to wire my AS 7-pin to the 6-pin round female socket for my TV?:

I'll also check with Inland RV. If anyone has any other sources to share I'd be grateful.

I'm opting at this point to keep the AS style connection.

Also, I think it's best to leave the charge wire disconnected until I thoroughly inspect the existing electrical on the trailer. Yes/no?

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