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Media DV8 03-07-2009 03:51 PM

Searching for Airstream Soulmate
Wow - this is lame, but times are tough.

After once again searching the internet for a used Bambi, unsuccessful as usual, it dawned on me that given the times, my age(an extremely youthful 50 thankyouverymuch), my tired as hell of looking, single- status, that maybe there are men (guys, dudes, hombres,) who are in the same position. So, I thought, wtf? Let's cast a line out there and watch the bobber.

Here's my deal: I currently live in the warm, south and my lifelong desire is to live up north (don't question me on this - I know what I want), as well as Canada, England or France. You MUST have seen and 'get' Michael Moores' "Sicko" to know what I'm talking about or proceed ANY farther. I'm over explaining myself.

I'm looking for a best friend. Similar interests are key. Besides Airstreams,
read my "hobbies" and if you can relate, move to the next step. Suffice to say I'm unusual. Huge movie fan and do 'movie speak' (ie: drop classic movie lines at the appropriate moment) like nobody. I'm a huge animal person - ridiculously so. I'm creative, witty, stubborn, romantic, neurotic,
compassionate, hip and devoted. I prefer to nest, do home improvements, garden, and enjoy my better half, but have a wild side and clean up REALLY well! My child is in college, so it's time for ME to leave the nest.
I'm looking for someone like-minded. I'm 5'9 and prefer tall men, with Teddy Bears scoring high. However, a believer in chemistry, it's not the end all, be all. I want "forever after" so it's not a solid. But, NO mullets or fake hair.

OK, here's my Dream scenario: My guy and I, living in a wicked- cool old house, with charm , character and a detached garage (maybe 2-car) with an amazing workshop. In the driveway are a couple cars, a harley or 2, and our Airstream trailer. We have all the latest electronic gadgets, amazing kitchen with a viking stove, great home theater, a hot tub or pool. We love going to live concerts and theatre, garage sales/flea markets, sushi, exercising, volunteering for animal issues, and being in love. We have at least 2 dogs, who we love have sharing our bed. We maybe talk about adopting or fostering a child.

Realizing that dreams are not always realized, a more humble-er version of the above concerning "luxuries" could also work. However, the 'wicked cool old house with the detached garage and airstream' is NOT negotiable. AND....either scenario HAS to occur somewhere NORTH of Florida, in Canada, France, England, or possibly another european country.

If I'm upsetting any of you, just know that I've tried all the silly dating sites and don't want to go down that road any more. The chances of finding a really cool guy that loves Airstream's is better here than there. I'm tired of gushing over my love of them to people that just stare at me like I have 2 heads.

I hope to hear from ya'll. Opinions on my methods, potential suitors or just cool people to chat with. I've gotta warn you, I don't get on line as much as I should. I have a 2 story house and my computer is upstairs and it is SUCH a friggin pain in the ass:angry:! If I could, I would have a ONE story house. Or build a dumb-waiter (what a GREAT idea!! I love those things)

Ciao! :punk:

3 Dog Nite 03-07-2009 06:27 PM

Welcome Media DV8
Your dreams sound wonderful. The love of my life & I had a similar lifestyle at one time. Fate made it reasonable to give up our lovely home. We sold the minivan, El Camino, & '51 Chevy. We now live full time in our AS

You share a lot of our passions. We like live theatre, garage/yard sales, & auctions. We travel with our 3 dogs. Yup, they get on the bed. They are all rescue animals. We only take animals that need homes. We've never bought a pet from the store.

I love doing handyman projects while Tami is a gardener. No mullets here, heck there's hardly any hair at all!

If we ever meet up, maybe we double date to a show or flea market trip. We currently live in Cleveland, TN. Looking forward to setting up courtesy parking soon.


AIR-Quarius 03-07-2009 07:11 PM

The Airstream community is loaded with star spangled wonderful people, artists (like me) eccentric and alive and living...professionals, builders, mechanics, seamstresses,carpenters,electricians, chefs,animal lovers, now you belong to us, and we are the ones who love you the most. I remember those tiny little mosquitoes that would get you before you knew it. The rest of 'em havent said 'hi' to you yet...Sincerely, Billy

k.gregor 03-07-2009 09:05 PM

I am printing your dream so that I can realize the parts of it that are my own-


munimula 03-07-2009 10:06 PM

I think adding a singles or personals section to airforums is totally in order!! i know a number of singles in the airstream community who could benefit from a designated area.

media dv8 - thanks for getting it going. good luck finding your soulmate. he is out there!

funkill 03-08-2009 07:33 AM

:huh: I was reading with some interest until I saw "prefer taller men". Whoops ... :blush:

Singles page would be interesting to have here except I'm thinking it might be flooded with non-airstreamers. Though that's not necessarily a bad thing... I recall looking at a singles forum for those who are into horsing/ranching. I was so stumped when I read many of the intro's to find that most had never even been on a horse - just thought horses were neat. Not really gonna find cowboy there! :(

Ganaraska 03-08-2009 08:19 AM

When you find that place you can adopt me LOL.

I actually have most of that stuff amazingly enough. I do live in Canada, in an old house in the country. It is wicked cool especially in February when the wind is from the west.It has a 3 car detached garage full of half built projects. I'm a huge, animal person. A little too animal for my own good especially at feeding time. I have a full head of hair, home grown not bought. A flock of cars in the driveway. No Harley ( I had my fill of them in the 70s) but a Triumph 650. No Airstream but a Travelux (similar but way cooler).

All my cool electronic gadgets date to the tube era. No swimming pool but a short walk to Lake Ontario.

And, I never had a girlfriend from Jupiter.

dieterdog 03-08-2009 08:45 AM

Just gotta post,,, think the Forum would benefit from a singles site,,, going down the road alone is not always fun,, think a singles rally would be a great idea,, or simply a site where those interested could meet and converse,,, Finally,, please see what the mods can do,, we are in this Streamin thing together,, Happy Trails,, donna

ROBERT CROSS 03-08-2009 09:41 AM

;) That's not fair.....What about us, happy married singles?;)

Robert C. & Sandra B.

Media DV8 03-08-2009 09:49 AM

Airstream Singles?
Maybe I've started something here. It was after a couple glasses of wine that I decided to "lay it all out there", then woke this morning thinking: "What the hell have I done?" But, from the few yet positive responses, I don't think that.

Yes, a single forum would be great! I'm guessing there's lots of issues with that, perv's, scammers, child molesters, etc. So, at this point, just pass the word to keep checking this forum for all your single/looking needs!

I've gotten a couple cool responses and the posts that are public have been very positive. Thanks to everyone for not dissing me in my chardonnay-induced state of desperateness! And, I posted a fairly recent pic on my profile. Don't usually get in front of the camera. I'm also a rabid Howard Stern fan, for those of you who are interested in communicating. I can't go without that show!
Thank God for satellite radio!!!

85MH325 03-08-2009 10:39 AM

Wow... what a dish! Lemme see... I'm 54, 6'5" tall, in pretty good shape, live in Iowa in a pretty cool 1960 FLW-inspired Usonian brick ranch house with attached garage and RV parking, had Airstreams for twenty years, have lived in my Airstreams twice, rode BMWs for years, love bicycling, have a passport and love to travel, enjoy cruises, and have two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels that sleep in bed. I'm shopping for a new hot tub and gazeebo, have restored several Land Cruiser FJ-40s and a Datsun 260z, I 'get' Michael Moore... Stern, not so much... and I love fine wine, jazz, and classic movies.

The only hitch, as I see it, is that I doubt my wife would let me keep you. :( :) :)

Best of luck!


juel 03-08-2009 10:41 AM

You sound like a really neat person (am I dating myself with the "neat"?) I hope you find someone to share your dreams and passions with. I found a great guy just a few years ago that the only thing we shared was a love of his fully restored, 1952, step-side, Ford F100 pickup. He never owned a trailer and his last pet was a cat he had in 1968, that he couldn't remember what happened to it. We now have an Argosy, an Airstream, seven (count um 7) cats, five dogs, a Chubby Frog named Roseilee and two large fish ponds. He loves everything I have introduced him to. He's a great guy and just didn't know what he was missing. However, the socialized medicine may not be as much of a bonus as you think. I hope all turns out well for you and you stay wicked healthy.

Media DV8 03-08-2009 10:48 AM

Thanks for the encouragement! I'm getting great feedback from men AND women, so I guess I'm not so lame and 'out there'.

To all, please pass my original post to guys you think may 'match'. As far as the socialized medicine, at 50 years young (mentally 12), and not having insurance at this moment (hopefully that will change, but they still have you by the balls), Canada and Europe are looking good. I don't want to have to give up all I've worked for for co-pays and 'non-covered' medical necessities.

It's Sunday, so I'm actually coming upstairs often for house work - did I say how much I DESPISE this aspect of a 2-story house?, so I'm checking my computer more than normal.

You all ROCK!

Gene 03-08-2009 11:20 AM

For the record, Canada does not have socialized medicine. The only industrialized country that does is Great Britain. All the others, including Canada, have a single payer system—i.e., the government is the insurer. In our many travels in Canada I never met a Canadian who wasn't pleased with their system and would never trade it for the US "system". Sure they had a few complaints—there's no perfect system. But Americans complain all the time. Media (sounds too close to Medea), you could emigrate and then find a Canadian. To get into their Medicare system (same name, but different) you have to pay into it just like here. We have always enjoyed our trips to Canada and we our lucky to have such a wonderful neighbor.

Good luck on your search and I'm sure you'll find someone when you are ready to find them. Besides being very and happily married, we have a two story house.


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