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wb13798 05-07-2003 12:15 PM

performance exhaust systems
i know this is a subject that hasbeen kicked to death. but wanted to bring up the latest offering by camping world, seems they wanted to find a cheaper exhust system to sell. has anyone heard of Gibson exhaust systems??? tryed to price out a set of headers and cant get the headers without buying the system. and the system is big bucks. looks like camping world is continuing the sales that they did with the banks system . buy all or nothing. but their catalogue implys you can buy the headers seperate.. is this a over priced solution or is it priced reasonable . i think not what do you think???lol

jim8860 05-07-2003 01:31 PM

Gibson exhaust is a great stuff. I have used there stuff many of times. You can buy the headers from almost any speed shop probley a special order deal. Call Gibson for your closest dealer . Here is the number to Gibson 800-528-3044. Or do what I just did a free flow muffler and a free flow cat.That option is much cheaper.Jim

ALANSD 05-07-2003 01:33 PM

I talked to Banks today, they offer a cat back system for 695, and the power pack direct sale for 1695.
You would have to install of course.
Gibson is well known,but I don't know about their quality.
JEG's online also offers many headers and such for the 454 in motorhome config. like Hedman, etc....

Silvertwinkie 05-07-2003 08:38 PM

I think in most cases a good cat-back is all that is needed unless you mod out the engine. There are several conversations going on about headers on the car forums and although they will add HP, a real good set that does a great job of scavanging the exhaust can cost upwards of a $1,000.00. If you have that kind of cash, I'd do it! :) Some can be had for $500 as well. The TRI-Ys I am looking at for my 350 with high flow cats cost $1240.00.

The 2.5" cat-back system I am looking at (ATR Quads) are about $800.00. So you are looking at about $2k if I actually did it.

Both would net me a total of about 25-30hp or at least that is what the dyno said on a few people that had the combo.

The real trick is finding a good combo that doesn't sound raspy or pop. I have heard the combo I want and it has the low rumble, but it's not obnoxious.

On a Motorhome, I am not sure on what kits are out there, but if you have a standard engine (350 or 454) it can't be that hard to find something, but listen to it first if you can find someone that has the setup you want. Many people I have seen have run out and got something, installed it and sometimes didn't like the sound. :)

74Argosy24MH 05-07-2003 08:40 PM

If you are just looking for headers check the Hedman Elite. They have 3/8" thick flanges and 14 ga. tube. Hedman advertises them as "extreme duty." They are well built.

Gibson products are also very good, probably the best flowing mufflers and all welded. They are not small or light, but worth finding the space. I did my whole exhaust for $700.


uncleneal 07-07-2003 05:17 PM

I've got a Banks kit on my '86 345. Also have have a 455 Olds engine with headers on it. The main difference that you notice between MH headers and street/race headers is that the MH home headers are a good bit longer. The individual runners look about time and a half as long. I would think that the MH home headers are tuned to produce more torque at lower rpm than the street/race type. Most of the headers sold by the speed shops are designed for max horsepower at high rpm's. Last thing you need in a MH is an engine that dosen't get to breathing good untill about 6,000 rpm. That said, it doesn't look like it would be difficult to modify street/race headers to MH configuration by cutting and welding in longer pipes.

Silvertwinkie 07-07-2003 06:54 PM

I just got done the week before last installing the ATR quads into the car. Took the car with the Airstream on a 1000 mile round trip vacation last week. I can tell you first hand, the car has been transformed! The throttle response alone is fantastic. My MPG did go up, but very, very slightly. I can say that this mod although it seemed to do little for fuel economy, the performance in seat of pants has been very noticeable even with the extra 4600lbs behind me (with the 5300lb gross car underneath me). :)

I agree with what Neal says regarding headers. Do your homework before you buy. In my case, the LT1 produces it greatest bang for the buck in the low RPM range, so whatever headers I go with need to take that into account.


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