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ViewRVs 05-05-2003 03:23 PM

Moving around in cabin while in motion
topic for discussion......

We do try to limit movement inside the coach while driving. We do reserve stop lights and Interstate for most tasks and we try to do those quickly. We are also working on terminology for us to use to improve communication so no one gets hurt.

I know moving around can be risky and should be avoided. What do you all do to AVOID getting hurt while the coach is moving?

Inland RV Center, In 05-05-2003 05:02 PM

SIT DOWN, with seat belts "on."


ALANSD 05-06-2003 11:57 AM

I keep my kids movement to a minimum, but they do get up and down sometimes. To me its like a bus, you get up when you have to, and stay up only as long as is necessary. The sitting down with belts on is not going to happen, although they are required to be belted in if they ride up front.
There are no belts for the barrel chairs...only the couch.

ViewRVs 05-06-2003 12:05 PM

I have belts on my barrell chairs but one of them is stuck locked. My 9 year old is small enough to slide under it! :p

Since I put in the inverter, one is usually sitting on the floor playing video games. The other is at the dinette or sofa.

Seat belt required for being up front.

Inland RV Center, In 05-06-2003 12:21 PM

Seat Belts
Seat belts can be installed any place a human may want to relax, or..........

Included in that group, is the barrel chairs, the lounge, the dinette, a bed (be careful), and if you wish, even for the toilet.

Can we ever be too safe for people, especially kids, or those loved ones?

Something to think about.


Silvertwinkie 05-06-2003 12:26 PM

I agree with the bus comparison. I compare it to riding in a small boat on the lake. It can be done, but there are untold things that can happen.

I would limit movement as well. I know when I was a kid, I would ride in the SOB from the campsite a few blocks to the dump statiion and it was a wild that I don't think I could manage as an adult now...did I say that (adult) :eek:



ViewRVs 05-06-2003 12:37 PM

I certainly do agree that staying seated and belt is the best option. I have belts on the dinette, barrel chairs and sofa. A belt by the video games is an interesting idea!

Since I am driving and can't always control or see what they are doing, I will call out a few things.

For instance when I anticipate hitting the gas, I will give them a count down, 3....2...1..... whatever they are doing, they better get situated.

I also call out light changes down the road. If I see a red light that will cause me to be stopping, I will let them know.

I will also insist that certain conditions do not allow ANY movement such as in town driving when litterally anything can happen at any time.

I do some of this because my wife insists I keep my eyes on the OUTSIDE of the MH and not the INSIDE.

Inland RV Center, In 05-06-2003 01:03 PM

Fred H.

We usually give so little credit to those that care about us the most, who sometimes give us "great ideas," namely "the little woman" in our lives.

Regardless of physical size, everyone of them has a a heart that is far larger.

They all have my vote.


90345 06-18-2003 04:57 PM

Hello AS forum - my first post as a new member !
I agree that minimal in motion movement around the bus is the best policy. Front seat = safety belts at all times. We too have a communication code: "we're off" = acceleration. "whoa" = slowing down / stopping, and the dreaded "hold on" for a panic / evasive manuever.

53flyingcloud 06-18-2003 11:22 PM

Moving around in cabin while in motion

Just as "long as the driver isn't the "one doing the moving around"

Seriously, wasn't it posted somewhere that, a new novice owner was told by the RV salesperson that, "This thing is soo smooth handling that, it can drive itself". Where upon, once while out on a long trip the driver decided to get up and, go to the frig while his motorhome was still in motion??

I do agree with the seatbelt rules`
Since we only tow...
I also, never allow anyone to ride back in the trailer while underway~!

RoadKingMoe 06-19-2003 12:58 PM

I made a quick trip to the fridge at a light once. Light turned green before I got back and my co-driver took off, only to have to slam on brakes for a guy running the red in cross traffic. It was enough to throw me into the dinette and break some ribs. And this couldn't have been at much over 5 mph.

smily 07-18-2005 09:57 AM

If you have not seen that seatbelt demo where they strap you into a sled that travels five MPH and comes to abrupt stop, you should seek it out and then determine how important it is to have a seat belt on anywhere in the coach.

I have also talked with other AS'rs that have stories of physically harmed spouses that just wanted to move from one place to the other and all of a sudden, brakes! and breaks come together.........

Ray Pena 07-18-2005 10:16 AM

I've always considered my wife to be super woman, so it is alot of fun to watch her fly around the cabin every once in a while. JUST KIDDING...:lol: I totally argree with minimal movement about the cabin when in motion and seatbelts a must when up front, those are really big windsheilds we have on our MH's. Any injury during a trip can really put a damper on things.

Southern Comfort

Chaplain Kent 07-18-2005 12:13 PM

I try to limit my walking when driving to emergencies like running out of potato chips or getting a new book to read. Those times are only when my wife is sleeping.

My coach only has lap belts. I am so accustomed to using a shoulder harness that the lap belt does not feel protective enough. I understand that it is better than nothing but in those times that a belt prevented me from an accident, it was always the shoulder belt and not the lap belt, which held me in. Has anyone put in a shoulder harness to replace the lap belt only? I was told the column on the wall would not support the belt tension.

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