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Craig 04-29-2003 12:40 PM

differences in reese hitches
I'm shopping online for a Reese weight distributing system and the choices seem to be:

1. Heavy duty round bar
2. High performance trunnion bar
3. Standard performance trunnion bar

Can anyone explain to me what the differences in these are???


59toaster 04-29-2003 02:28 PM

Do you have any links to what your looking at? I asume your talking about the part that bolts to the truck and not the part that slides into the reciever.

The thing to be concerned with is the weight rating matches the load. My Suburban came from the factory with a Reese rated 9500 weight distributing and 5,000 dead. One thing you will notice is the hight the rate weight the further up the frame the side plates will extend. It distributes the weight over a larger portion of the frame.

As for the draw bar. As long as it puts the hitch ball at the hight you need it and is rated about 20% higher then the load you intend to haul it will work. The style doesn't matter.

For the hitch head I have a Valley and I like it a little better then the Reese units I have seen. I gave it a good work out this past weekend with a 7500+lb load. My buddy that also has a Reese liked it better as well. The rest of my gear is Reese including a dual cam set up I bought and a friction sway that came with the trailer.

Craig 04-29-2003 03:53 PM

Thanks, but here's what I'm talking about - use this link to see the three different setups I'm talking about:

overlander64 04-29-2003 05:56 PM

Differences in Reese Hitches
Greetings Craig!

I have been exceptionally well pleased with the Reese Trunion Bar hitch (pre-dates two models for trunion bar hitches so far as I know) that I have used with my '64 Airstream Overlander for the past 8 years. I don't really think that you can go wrong with any of the products mentioned so long as the rating provides at least a 20% cushion beyond the weight of what is being towed. At one time, it was not suggested that the Dual Cam Sway control be utilized with the Heavy Duty Round Bar hitch, but in reading the current description I see that the new bar style now accommodates the dual cam system.

In my opinion, your most critical decision will be sizing of the bars - - especially if you plan to use the Dual Cam Sway Control - - I have learned that having bars that are rated just slightly in excess of the tongue weight results in better operation of the Dual Cam Sway Control. For my '64 Overlander (hitch weight 700 to 725 pounds), I am utilizing 750 pound bars (they aren't listed on the Reese site so they may not be available any longer - - but I do see 800 pound bars as a close relative). For my '78 Minuet 6.0 Metre (hitch weight of 410 to 425 pounds), I am utilizing 500 pound bars. I am just in the process of switching from Reese Friction Sway Control to Reese Dual Cam Sway Control on the Minuet so this will be my first setup with the dual cams on the lighter trailer.

Good luck with your decision!


59toaster 04-29-2003 10:16 PM

Ok I see what your asking now. The standard and the Highperformance are the real comon ones. The angle of the head can be adjusted to fine tune the towing manners. It is recomended that there be a 15deg tilt to the head. It helps with sway.

The round trucion is just another style. Not sure of the positives or negatives. It may operat a little smoother because they are in a solid bore is the only thing I can think off.

My set up is most like the High performance. The gain is the head will accomidate either or both side friction sway. It's pretty universal and should work with most trailers. If I were shopping I would go with the High performance.

74SovereignInt. 04-30-2003 12:01 PM

hitch will be for sale
Craig, I'm not sure if your set on a new unit but I will be able to sell my Reese soon. It has a friction sway bar, both wd bars are the "square" style and has a drop down bar. Let me know if your interesed in knowing more and we can talk.


Craig 04-30-2003 01:08 PM


I would have loved to save the $ and buy a used setup, but I JUST ordered a new set online. If you can get back to me quick with details, $, and how quick you can sell it, maybe I could cancel my order.

PM me.


pilgrim_still 06-15-2003 08:01 PM

Is your Reese hitch still for sale?

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