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ViewRVs 04-24-2003 08:07 PM

Time to paint the Basher!
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In honor of the Basher's arch enemy - highway barrels!

Here's my sugestion! Probably not the contest winner but lots of fun!

87MH 04-24-2003 08:20 PM

How about a bit more orange, brown verticle stripes, and swap out the A/C cover for a bright green one.

Could you have it ready by haloween?

Tell Charley Brown and Linus to stand by in the pumpkin patch!

Edie 04-24-2003 08:27 PM

Argosy named Basher
I think the idea was to make it look like the construction barrels and cones that this particular Argosy is known for "taking out". I happened to be present during both incidents. :p

The good news is the Argosy made it through two (count 'em - TWO) construction zones without attacking any equipment last night. That's good, because we're trying to train it with good behavior for when it gets it's new paint job. Hopefully we won't have to resort to Fred's orange and white fantasy. :D

ViewRVs 04-25-2003 06:01 AM

Of course you'll have to rename the 1976 'Basher' when it gets its new red, white, and blue "Spirit of 1776" paint job and decals that Brett has planned!

How about "Betsy" in honor of Betsy Ross who made the first flag?

thenewkid64 04-25-2003 07:02 AM

I personally like the moniker, Basher. It will more than likley stick even after the spirt of 76 paint job is complete. Now I just need to find the little construction barllel, and cone stickers so I can put them under the window edge like on a fighter aircraft :D :D

ALANSD 04-25-2003 07:29 AM

2 incidents?
"this particular Argosy is known for "taking out". I happened to be present during both incidents"

I thought there was only one, now I have to catch up:D

I am still getting ribbed about my swipe of the barrels last fall.

thenewkid64 04-25-2003 07:53 AM

Alal, here is the Basher update...........

The first was on the way back from the first Mystic Springs Rally. The scond was while Edie was driving it to Chrismas Airstream park for a rally and a guy in a 4X4 Pickup was trying to get around her as the left lane was closed off for road work. Orange cones were defining the lane closure, so it was the cones (she only caught 2 of them) or run the 4X4 off the road. The only battle scar is a smudge on the generator door that I have not taken the time to rub out.

InsideOut 04-25-2003 08:28 AM

Change the white stripes to blue and you'd be a true Broncos fan! :D


Edie 04-25-2003 08:35 AM

Ooooh...those are fighting words. Brett was BORN in Green Bay. There is no other team at our house.

I bought a Tampa Bay Bucs shirt for my boss last Christmas. I had to keep it in my car since Bucs things aren't allowed in the house. :D

amfab 04-25-2003 11:19 AM

I hope you are trained in life saving , because if you camp on a beach you wil be the first place people run to if there is trouble.

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