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PeeWee 09-06-2008 12:25 AM

Déjà vu, Rallys, Memories and "to Have Fun" Revisited
Thank you members of the Four Corners Unit for having Sue and I to be a part of your Labor Day Week-end gathering in Williams, AZ.

Having Caravanned to exotic places, attending several International Rallies, unit rallies and membership in the WBCCI; I want all Forum members to know that the life intended for the WBCCI is alive, and it is well.

I have written about purpose before and I will not elaborate on the WBCCI theme, TO HAVE FUN.

Last week I added a thread, "the Wally Byam Creed."

In Willaims I discussed the importance and the meaning of the Creed. Wally gave this to you, your unit, WBCCI and Airstream as his legacy. It should not be taken lightly, especially with the many threads on the forum that have forgotten their compasses.

I was surprised that Club members have never read the Creed. It is in your annual directory.

A really amazing thing happend. I brought an original Wally Byam Creed plaque, laminated on wood, that Airstream gave all dealers to hang up in their respective offices.

The group took the plague and individuals took a line from the Creed and read it out loud. Let me tell you it choked me up. The Four Corners group was interested in the meaning of the Club and paid tribute to Wally Byam for what he did for them.

It might be a nice way for all units to start their meetings or allies. Less we forget why you have a club and legacy.

Again thank you for a nice weekend. Sue and I say thanks to the Four Corners Unit.

Pee Wee

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