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doorgunner 07-07-2008 10:25 AM

DMV frustrations
I tried to renew my Ca. license. Appears that someone in FLa. has the same name as Me. Seems to be a MAGGOT. Ca will not reissue my license due to things gone bad in Fla. Got 3 different #s from Ca. to Fla. All BAD. Each time the clerk handed me a new # as I was standing at the window, I whipped out my cell and dialled up the number, got the , this # has been disconnected bs thing. Finally the clerk gives me a # that worked got the recording -We're closed you poor a$$ try later, we're open when we want to be line of bazoola.
So I tried googling the Fla. DMV. Their web site sux, yup the one in Ca. is better, can you believe that!!
So I been trying to get thru for weeks now, I did get thru once and after about 5 minutes of listening to menues and pressing buttons I was told there was a 45 minute wait. Which would have put me into their closed time. So I'm driving without a license. what a pile of crap. So now I'm looking into all the stolen identity stuff that is possibly happening. I got better things to be doing.
Anyone here "hooked up" with the Fla. DMV?? PM me I could use a little help.I'm getting tired of driving around alone.

pmclemore 07-07-2008 10:34 AM

Unbelievable, DG. You'd think your home state would look out for you better than that. Any chance of getting past the CA DMV front desk and talking to a supervisor?

Karma anyway, and good luck.


doorgunner 07-07-2008 10:43 AM

Oh believe me --using your cell phone while face to face with a clerk gets the top dog on scene immediately.
The state just wants to collect your money easily, I'm fed up with all the computor connects between states. All they do is provide erroniously submitted info. And look at the people drivin around, half of em can hardly walk and talk.
So I'm a criminal now, ha ha I just want to remain insured to protect the drunk that drives into me.

richinny 07-07-2008 12:23 PM

i don't know much other than they have a separate office for driver licenses and for license plates, in dade county anyway.

2airishuman 07-07-2008 12:38 PM

bummer gunner!

LOTS of people have the same name, i'm having trouble getting how just THAT is an issue.

is the florida scumbag using your ssn or date of birth?

have u checked a credit rating/history recently?

IF this is an id theft, the cal d.l. issue may be the least important mess to address.

i can well imagine getting NO HELP and a lotta acid reflux trying to make phone contact with another dmv on this...

if nothing else works,

i've got a list of 'good names and id info' u can use 2 apply for a new driving ticket...:huh:


Mexray 07-07-2008 12:57 PM

Wow...I wouldn't think there would be that many "doorgunner" names around.....:D

That's a real bummer...we got 'stung' by one of those bogus Arco AM/PM card readers in Sacto a couple of years ago...I was using my ATM card for fuel and the baddies were able to get my info on the card...including my PIN! While we were in Baja for a vacation, our bank account got emptied by multiple credit card purchases in Thailand and Russia - both on the same day - and there was no computer generated 'alert' to reject the sales...You would think the credit card companies would have some safeguards programed into their systems to prevent sales on the same card, thousands of miles away, on the same day! It took several months, but we finally got our money back...we were the first at our bank to be 'hit' this way, as we hadn't lost our actual cards!

It's a real scumbag jungle out there!

doorgunner 07-07-2008 01:02 PM

I went on the Fla, site and typed in my SSn, man I had a hard time doing that<as I have NO faith in ANY dmv. Says they have no record, went to the dmv and told them that 5 min ago, big deal I need paperwork. So I said "you didn't need any paperwork" how about we use your computor to go to their website?? I'm laughing so friggin hard I'm ready to puke.Well I gotta roll to the docs, I'll check in later.
Any help from you Floridians would be appreciated!!

2airishuman 07-07-2008 01:06 PM


Originally Posted by Mexray (Post 586981)
Wow...You would think the credit card companies would have some safeguards...

not 2 'steal' the thread topic, but credit cards DO have safeguards, ATM/DEBIT cards generally don't or have very limited asset protection.

folks are encouraged to use debit cards because the fees are lower and the money is TAKEN at the time of purchase.

ditch the debit cards.


...paperwork, take 'em a ROLL of t.p.!
well sure they need paper, look at the BS they are piling up...

try printing out the relevant florida dmv page on your computer when u ran the ssn...

the part that reads 'not in the system" and so on...

take that too them, it's paper and it might work!


richinny 07-07-2008 04:18 PM

just make sure that it's an official site as there are "look alike" sites

Pick 07-07-2008 05:26 PM

Doorgunner, I am in Florida. Best way to access the FL dmv site is through: - Home

Sounds like your problem is a California problem, not a Florida one. So what if someone in Fl has the same name as you.
Your name isn't John Smith, is it?

doorgunner 07-07-2008 09:13 PM

Rickey-I'm aware of the look alike sites, thanks for the reminder.

Pick- thanks for the link another way of getting to the same place I was using. It's MY problem not a Ca one. So I guess I'll be up at 4am in the morning to catch the Fla. at their opening time of 7am. qeez
ya know the function of government should be to put itself out of business.for the life of me I can't understand how they stay in business

Lumatic 07-07-2008 10:17 PM

You think u got it bad?

Originally Posted by doorgunner (Post 586917)
I tried to renew my Ca. license. Appears that someone in FLa. has the same name as Me. Seems to be a MAGGOT. .....
So I'm driving without a license. what a pile of crap.

Strange but true.
Back in my tent camping days hippy cousin from Ohio came to visit my hippy haven in upstate NY. The visit was pleasant and uneventful and my cousin, wife and 3 kids left in his 50 something hippy panel van back for OHIO ( this is the same truck he was in that Canadian Customs had him sign an affidavit that he was not planning on moving to Canada on his way to Alaska) As you probably suspect by now there iws more to the story (building suspense) About 12 hours after he left my humble abode I got a desperate call from his wife saying my cuz was arrested, for murder
:blink::blink: He got pulled over for the prverbial busted tailight and it turns out when he was California his wallet was stolen and a murderer was using his ID as an alias and had bumped off a couple of people. All of a sudden he had halgf a dozen 357s aimed at his noggin. Of couse they searched his very hip panel truck and you probably guessed it found a little bit of grass. I didn't take too long for the boys in the grey boy scout hats and purple ties to figure out they had they wrong dude, but now what about the grass. I was just about to jump in my 59 beetle to attempt a rescue when his wife called back and said the state police felt so sorry for them they let them go providing they promised not to stop until they got over the state line.

moosetags 07-07-2008 11:24 PM

In Florida, the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) handles matters related to license tags, registration of vehicles, and motor vehicle titles. Driver License issuance is handled by the Division of Driver Licenses (DDL).


doorgunner 07-08-2008 06:28 AM

issued DUI!!! in 1977!!!
So it's 4:19 am california time, I been on the phone to Fla for 19 minutes.
Seems as someone with the same name as me was issued a DUI on 7 feb 1977. Hillsborough County, wherever the hell that is.
The Dmv, DLL whatever you wanna call them can not clear the matter I need to "get With" the county clerk in that county.
So I asked the dmv lady--Well you have no record of my SSN having a Fla. license? So what up dat??
It's a court matter sir , you need to clear it with them.
So now I get to deal with the court system-more crap.
I'm not believing this, the friggin thing is 30 years old!!
Might as well have my morning cup o joe a few hours early, I'm sure I can find another thread to terrorize in the mean time as I wait for the Fla county place to open.
This is funny huh

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