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rdorrett 05-17-2008 07:27 PM

Year-round Airstream living
Hello all. I would like to find out whether there might be a book or some other concentrated source of info which would identify and elaborate on the various things one would have to do to an Airstream travel trailer to make it a satisfactory year-round residence. Any suggestions and recommendations will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


53flyingcloud 05-17-2008 08:27 PM

Hi Bob,
I don't recall a specific A/S book but, if you have any questions. I am sure someone on here help you with the answers.

njoysrvin 05-17-2008 08:55 PM

Having lived full-time over 2yrs in an AS...I'm sure getting info from those of us who have lived the "life" would probably be more help than most books on the market we love it ...

monocoque 05-17-2008 09:06 PM

Hi Bob,

Welcome to the forum. I find the topic of interest too. Here's a couple of threads that address some aspects of your question:

I like the angle of your question which focuses on aspects of AS trailers for full-timing?

TBRich 05-17-2008 09:22 PM

Do you intend to travel in the Airstream full-time (that is, moving periodically through the year) or are you intending to live in it stationery full time in the same location? This would make a difference in some of the information you might need. Some things need to be handled differently if the AS is going to be stationery for long periods of time. We do neither, but know that either possibility is do-able...and can be quite a wonderful lifestyle.

overlander63 05-17-2008 10:38 PM

We live in our Airstream full-time. We spend a lot of time in one place, but the trailer is fully capable of being towed to a new location on a few hours' notice.
If you are going to live full-time in one spot, a small portable storage building is a very good idea. If you are planning to move around, you would want either a very small, very portable building, or do without and not carry the clutter. Be sure to "exercise" the systems at least monthly, so you don't get a suprise when you go to move the trailer.

norsea 05-20-2008 09:47 PM

Full time for 6 months so far....

Originally Posted by rdorrett
...the various things one would have to do to an Airstream travel trailer to make it a satisfactory year-round residence. Any suggestions and recommendations will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


Hi Bob

First, buy the trailer.

Second, move your gear into the trailer.

Third, pop the champagne and celebrate being in your new home. :D

We' be been living on the road since September 2000; in an Airstream 30' Classic since last November. We like this much better than h/motels or the tent that we used for 7+ years. And, the Ford F250 diesel is very nice.

From my perspective you have to live the life before you can find what you really want to add/modify. Experience is a great teacher. If you have had an RV previously that experience should help tremendously. For example, I had an RV in the early 1970's for several years. Hated the slinky sewer pipe and the associated process. I have a macerator for that job now and it is no longer a pain in the backside for me.

This forum and others provide a wealth of info that will help before you set off. I am a firm believer in having a plan for something like this. Preparation will be very beneficial. Just don't be in love with your plan. Be flexible and realize that you will be changing things quite a bit when you first start out and over the coming years.

Another example. We were traveling by motorcyle previously. We just had the pickup body on the truck replaced with a flat bed so we can load our motorcycle/sidecar to take it with us. After last winter without the bike we decided that we definitely wanted it back in our life. A big expense as well as changes for storage as the pickup cap and the bed slide are gone along with lots of storage space. Just another opportunity to get rid of more STUFF and continue to refine our packing methods.

Good luck to you in you quest...


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