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Silvertwinkie 04-30-2008 06:46 PM

2009 Model year quality
Hello and welcome to the sixth (model) year of tracking the build quality of Airstream RVs on

Airstream has now started production of the 2009 model year, so that means it's again time to get a new thread for our 2009 Streamers in place.

If anyone picks up a 2009, please feel free to post any of the good, the bad or the ugly. This includes any and all titled 2009 Airstreams manufactured or assembled by Airstream Inc, in Jackson Center, Ohio.

It is important that you provide the build month and year found on that sticker, in your initial post. You can typically find that sticker with the info on the streetside exterior wall of your Airstream. On that sticker you will also find your GVWR and serial number. All we'd like off that plate is the month/year of manufacture.

Remember, this thread is ONLY for units that are titled as a 2009.

If you have an older model year unit, you are very welcome to post to these threads that go back as far as the 2004 model year:






Hopefully we can continue track the quality improvements, identify trends and continue to share the information.

Thanks in advance for your participation.

Silvertwinkie 10-04-2008 09:29 AM

I know the economy is not doing very well, but no one has a 2009? :wally:

sinjin 02-08-2009 07:11 PM


We have a 2009 28' Ocean Breeze bought on the fly as we drove thru Las Vegas last summer. We have stayed in it for at least 60 days in both the hot and the cold. We have had four identified problems and one that is just weird.


1) The magnetic strip on the shower door kept falling out. We fixed it with super glue.
2) The privacy curtains always came out when we drove down the road. A couple of strips of velcro fixed that problem.
3) The fantastic fan wiring broke, fixed on warranty.
4) Door out of plumb, fixed on warranty.

Weird thing: The shelf above the drawers in the kitchen area does not go all the way back so there is a place for stuff to fall into the never, never land in back of the shelf where it will never be found again. Haven't had a good explanation of that yet.

No other problems so far. Fingers crossed.

Freeheel 06-25-2009 04:59 PM

We bought a 2009 19' International SE built in Dec.08 and have had no problems, issues or complaints after about 1000+km of towing about 5 or 6 weekend trips. Everything works great, the seams are all tight, no corrosion, no issues with quality. We're just super happy about it and having a great time.

<edit> wooohooo, my 2nd "Rivet"!

legandwillyg 07-19-2010 05:57 PM

We have a 2009 FC 27FB. Rear pano windows leak, front fantastic fan leak, entry door gap, dvd player noise, bathroom OH cabinet door/mirror would not stay closed. Issues were addressed by the selling dealer after 2 months of owning (now 14 months). Rear pano windows still leak (minimal visible), bathroom OH cabinet door/mirror fell off, door still has gap to daylight, filiform spots,(no suprise) led tailight out, AC leaking inside and now STAINS ON FLOOR UNDER DINETTE!! (definately signs of plywood problem) We have owned 4 campers (SOB's) over the last 15 years, upgrading each time. Finally, our dream an Airstream, no more camper upgrades for years to come or so I thought. Needless to say very disappointed. Making an appointment to return to the dealer after the summer camping season.

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