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Raptorrider2001 03-24-2003 05:31 PM

Equalizer hitch adjustments
I have an Equalizer 4 point hitch and pull an Airstream. Today, I went to pick it up at the storage place and realized that I had forgotten the equalizer/load leveler/sway bars at home. I towed it without them to my house and the ride seemed to be much smoother without them. I am wondering if I do not have them adjusted correctly. The hitch came with the trailer and does not have any adjusting instructions. When I bought the unit, the Airstream dealer installed the hitch from the original owner's truck to mine. I watch the mechanic and he didn't really take any measurements. Mabybe it was because I was 1500 milea from home and he knew he would not see me again. Any ideas on how you can tell if it is set up correctly? Truck is a 3/4 ton Chevy and was setting level with out the bars. Do you think I may have to much weight transferring to the truck? Thanks :confused:

dmac 03-25-2003 07:59 AM

The height of the hitch ball and the head angle are the two adjustments that need to be correct. I'll assume that the trailer is running level so the first one is okay. The head angle controls the spring bar tension. It is adjusted by adding (increading angle and bar tension) or removing (reducing angle and bar tension) washers from the pin between the shank and main casting. Here are the official instructions:

Raptorrider2001 03-25-2003 09:35 AM

Dan, thanks a million for the link to Equalizer's instructions page. I have looked but never found it. This will be a great help. I hope to start rechecking everything this afternoon. :)

rustyoldman 09-21-2017 02:40 PM

Equalizer Hitch
I too have an Equalizer Hitch. I installed it myself and did all that was outlined and advised in about two hours. The directions provided by Equalizer are "excellent". Go to the Equalizer website and download their directions for installation and follow them exactly 'step by step'. I cannot see how the dealer you bought this from could possibly let you drive off like that. He must know more then me, or maybe not. If you use the hitch without the bars at speed, you will experience sway. I bring my trailer from the storage lot to my home when we are going to get ready for a trip without using the sway bars, but that drive is only a mile and I don't do more than 35mph. There are also a couple of very good videos on you tube regarding installing the Equalizer WDH. Check it out, it will give you knowledge and confidence.

Mollysdad 09-22-2017 10:45 AM

I have an Equilizer Hitch that I bought through Craig's list.
I downloaded the manual and set it up as best I could without a trailer. The dealer doesn't want to touch a hitch they didn't sell.
They sell, and install the Equilizer for $800. Yikes! I set mine up as instructed and the dealer compromised by having their hitch "expert" mount the L brackets and adjust the hitch for one hour's labor. Okay.

In reality, your tow vehicle rode smoother because your TV springs absorbed all the flex, not the hitch. The bars lift the back and push down on the front.
Adjusting the hitch is not brain surgery, just time consuming. Also, you'll need a couple of 1 1/8" deep sockets and a stout breaker bar. (and a piece of pipe, er, torque amplifier).
Start with the unloaded ball height, and measure the distance of the wheel wells too. From there it's a matter of moving parts.
I started with four washers on the rivet. The expert didn't change that. The washers determine the tilt of the head, and therefore the pressure on the bars. (adding or subtracting washers means disassembling the entire hitch, yes, time consuming.) You can also move the "L" brackets up or down also.

Anyway, I was prepared to undo what the hitch guy did, but the rig towed so well, I'm in no hurry to change. I'll take it to a Cat scale and see how the weight is distributed first.

By towing without the bars you made the back sag, and you also had no sway resistance. The bars resist moving forward and back and stop sway.

I think back to the 80's and I towed a large boat trailer with a Chevy Malibu with a bumper hitch, and the back end almost dragging the ground. Back then we just did it without regard for WD. "We'll just take it easy!".

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