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pcasa 03-15-2008 06:18 PM

Shower Curtain
Hey guys, I need to know what hardware is needed to slip into the recessed metal ceiling track to mount the shower curtain. I didn't see this part on the Vintage Trailer supply site. And ... since both ends of the track are open, how does this work? thanks, paula

eubank 03-15-2008 06:26 PM

Yaknow, since our shower curtain is missing outright, someday when we're with our unit, and I have my neurons firing, I'm gonna take a BUNCH of pics of a vintage 60s shower curtain -- just so that I can build a replacement and so that I'll have the archive of pics for folks like you!

Meanwhile, the neurons need a tune-up, and the current shower curtain is just a dumb contraption.


Sugarfoot 03-15-2008 08:06 PM

Maybe this will help
Try this thread: What's the shower curtain hook look like?

clancy_boy 03-15-2008 09:28 PM

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Maybe this will help - I stole the picture from the thread that Sugarfoot referenced. I got mine at a Camping World - about $4 and 10-12 per package.

pcasa 03-15-2008 10:13 PM

thanks!!!! y'all have really helped me and the photos on the link gave me some great ideas.

Barkingdogg 03-25-2008 09:31 PM

I've got an original 67. If it will help I send pics. PM me if you want them.

FreshAir 03-25-2008 10:57 PM

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I got these for our '66 Trade Wind at I think Vintage Trailer. If not there I have seen them at our local RV supply and Camping World.

Silver Threads 03-26-2008 08:27 AM

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This is what is in my 66 Tradewind.

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