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mharrison@ie 12-31-2007 02:27 PM

Level Sensor - Black water holding tank.
I have a 1968 Overlander trailer and I am working on the black water holding tank.

There is depth sensor that reports the fluid level in the tank when it reaches "1/2" and "4/4". I have removed the sensor from the tank, and I see that only two of the four sensor wires are still intact - the other two seem to have corroded away. The wires look to be about 20 ga insulated and colored red, yellow, green and brown. The yellow wire (and maybe the others) is stamped "JAYCO 105". The material of the wires looks like aluminum, but it feels to be stiffer than I would expect for Al.

I'd like to replace the wires. Does anyone know what the original wire material is, or where I can get replacement wire - I guess I only need 30" for the whole job!

Happy New Year to all!



TomW 12-31-2007 05:57 PM

Non-stock gauge

Originally Posted by mharrison@ie
... Does anyone know what the original wire material is, or where I can get replacement wire ...


Here's "bump" for your thread. Earlier, I noticed a vintage Airstream parts dealer viewing your thread and thought your question would be answered.

Unfortunately, I think you are dealing with a previous owner's custom depth sensor installation. Factory '69 Airstreams utilized the "look down the toilet with a flashlight" depth gauge.

Can you post pictures of your setup? Maybe someone will recognize part of it.


Fyrzowt 12-31-2007 06:08 PM

It's been awhile since I looked at my '72...IIRC the wires were copper and went into sensors located in the side of the black tank. They shouldn't carry much current, just resistance readings if I have it figured out :rolleyes:
Sorry, I am at work and can't check wire colors for you.
Good luck,

goransons 12-31-2007 06:09 PM

our 69 tradewind has 1/2 and 4/4 lights on the control panel and used similiar sensors to the freshwater tank (basically a stainless steel bolt with a rubber sleeve that compresses and seals the 3/8" hole in the side of the tank. Uses low voltage from the control panel up front above the goucho. The wire in ours was all copper (throughout the entire trailer) and was standard 14 guage automotive wire to the sensors. Hope that helps.

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