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Donald B Graves 03-03-2003 08:07 AM

Update of 31 Footer
Another update on repairs and progress. New springs installed
on front, new Bell cranks, new shocks and new alignment, rides l
and steers like brand new. Also had brakes gone thru as left rear
rotor was out of round or had caliper miss aligned, as it turned out master cylinder was leaking and lines to booster, so it has all been replaced, not cheap but complete. The people who put the
springs on said the rear air bags are inflated and it has a system with the compressor in the tank. Does anyone out there have this same type airbag system? There is no compressor in the generator compartment like the manual says. i also never hear any compressor. I also was able to get a fabrication shop build
me some brackets and a sheet to cover the spare tire, I will add picture to my pictures in forum. It seems like the factory is not
much interested in the history of these motorhomes. They always refer you to a dealer. To me these motorhomes and trailers are like a real Icon which is like apple pie american. My previous hobbies were MG's which are a Icon of the British Auto industry, and I might say they still are largest Motor Club in the world. Well on to more minor fixes and repairs, Door Bell?, Tachometer? Door?

LKappenman 03-03-2003 02:11 PM

Let me know what you find on the door bell thats the only thing that doesn't work on ours

slumLord 03-06-2003 05:49 PM

I've also got an '83 31 footer. My compressor is located in the left rear compartment in behind the shore line.

ALANSD 03-07-2003 07:18 AM

The door bell on mine needed a new switch 3 bucks at Home depot. Pry the old one out and rewire in the new. The bell itself in mine is under the front couch behind the water tank. It isn't very loud and probably should be moved out somewhere else.

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