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OutsideSuppl 10-24-2007 09:26 PM

Just bought this Airstream, Any Ideas on Model?
Can anyone give me more information on this trailer I bought?

eBay Motors: Airstream Factory made Bambi size vending trailer 16' (item 250179152864 end time Oct-24-07 12:47:48 PDT)

I have been looking all over but cannot seem to find any info.

Any info, including info on more cursive looking logo on front.


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Janet H 10-24-2007 09:49 PM

Cool. What did you have in mind to use it for? Airstream made some custom trailers over the years, this looks like it might be one of them.

OutsideSuppl 10-24-2007 10:13 PM

We are a growing family and moving from our teardrop camper to an airstream.

Teardrop Trailer and Lighthouse Pictures (Teardrop Campers Information and Blog)

I hope to add a large bed, a sofa, a microwave and frig.

I would also like some sort of bunk.

I like the idea of opening the sides when the weather is nice.

I am gonna try to keep it real light, so no bathroom or water tanks. I will add a 42 inch plasma or lcd for tailgaiting. Also want to put about 200 to 300 watts of solar. Just for when we camp in areas with no electricity.

Think it will work?

2airishuman 10-24-2007 11:00 PM


Originally Posted by OutsideSuppl
Think it will work?

wow, cool example of a business unit

wonder how many of these they made.

the first thing to find out is the gvwr...

with all of those openings the shells isn't really gonna support much load.

and the frame/tongue looks like a single beam?

so very likely this vendor trailer was built to carry ONLY the vendor goods.

plumbing/water/tanks would seem way out of the question,

and i'd be leary of sinking much into the interior features.

this baby is gonna wiggle big time with a load inside...

just how well will those large openings seal up against rain?

no opening windows, so the sides are the only air/ventilation.

no screens over the openings.

solar panels don't weigh much but the batteries to store sun juice WILL be significant.

it looks like there are 2 battery boxes behind the axle on the street side.

i think this is a great show piece and would be wonderful for an art/crafts swap meet vendor..

or perhaps a cotton candy booth, or an info booth/kiosh station.

but real food service or coffee bar might be too much load inside...

please keep us up to date on this, maybe an email to the factory with pics, vin and so on can get you info.


and the script a/s logo on the front is typical of units from that era. they still have that lettering available at the factory store.

azflycaster 10-24-2007 11:50 PM

I would be very careful with this unit. I am not sure that it was made the way the owner has it listed. I would want to see what the frame looks like and how it is all put together. Several things catch my eye as I look at the pictures.

The first thing is the hitch area, Like 2air' said it is a single beam that comes out of the center. If you look close at the picture, it is held in with a single pin and can be removed. It also has a weight distribution bracket on it, what's that about?

The interior shows some cabinets with tambor doors, they are from the 70's and I have never seen any in an 83 model.

The axles are sitting very low and it appears the wheel wells were built hold more wheel then they should. One picture shows cracks in the side panel near the wheel, another sign that the unit is bottoming due to bad axles.

The unit is unique, but may not be very well suited for travel. I would want to get a full evaluation of how the trailer was built and what are the current capabilities of the unit before I invested any money into the project.

Frank's Trailer Works 10-25-2007 03:06 AM

man, if I had that back in the early 80's... the grilled cheese sandwiches I could have vended at Grateful Dead shows.... in every hippy there is a capitalist just trying to get out. Sorry, I regress. That is neat rig for vending. I wouldn't use it for camping though. I would get a camper for that. You could fill it full of Airstream products and do the rally circuit...

OutsideSuppl 10-25-2007 11:50 PM

Weight and a bit of a story
I spoke with Chris the Current Owner and he advised the following.

This is a genuine Airstream custom. He called Airstream and also spoke with the previous owners.

Seems like the orginal owner had bought an Airstream Motorhome in 83 to travel to jewelry and crafts shows. He found it troubleshome to keep setting up his booth, so he contacted Airstream and they agrred to build one for $36,000.00. This unit is about 90 Inches wide and 16 ft long.

The door is 41 Inches and the Windows fold down on the front and the back.

The hitch does pull out and remove for more permenant installations.

When he bought it, it had orginal tires and wheels. He changed all these out to better tire and wheels and hubs. He had the bearings replaced and replaced the floor.

He said it pulls like a dream behind a F-150.

IT has a GVWR of 3500lbs.

I am beginning to think this may be a great vendor unit for my business and keep looking for a camper.

Anyways, I appreciate the feedback and am hoping for the best. I think if it is half as good as the pictures, my wife and I will really enjoy it for whatever we use it for. We do love to Tailgate! Go Saints, LSU! and our Sorely Missed Brass Hockey Team!

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