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kimelaine 09-21-2007 03:24 PM

New Argosy: vin # help?
We just brought a 1976 Argosy. We think its 19 ft but might be 22'. The vin number is 22D6S5356. If you can help us figure out how to decipher this we'd appreciate it. We live in Squaw Valley, CA not the ski resort near the Kings Canyon National Forest. Looking forward to reading all the threads on Argosy starting tonight!

overlander63 09-21-2007 03:28 PM

Welcome to the forums. From the numbers you provided, you have a 1976 model 22' trailer, double bed, built in Sante Fe Springs, CA. That would be unusual, since most Argosies came from Versaille, Ohio.

InsideOut 09-21-2007 03:39 PM


That "S" is odd...seems it should be a "V" instead ~ V = Versailles (Ohio) where the Argosys were made.

Shari :flowers:

Gunnyusmc 09-21-2007 04:00 PM

The first three years were built at Jackson Center. The land in V was purchased in 1974. I never heard of one built in CA.


CanoeStream 09-21-2007 04:18 PM

Hi kimelaine -- the reference is here (see page 2).
22 = length
D = double bed
6 = 1976
S = *
5356 = 4 digit sequential production number in the 1970s

* S normally stands for Santa Fe Springs, CA, but I've got to side with Shari. As far as I know Argosy trailers were only built in Versailles, OH, about 30 miles southwest of Jackson Center. Could they have made a mistake in making up the VIN sequence for your Argosy?

On my '74 24' Argosy, the VIN tag is riveted near the front water fill door. The VIN is also embossed on the right side of the A-frame, below and behind the LP tanks.

kimelaine 10-29-2007 03:24 PM

Thank you
I rechecked the serial # and it's definately an "S". I also found in imprinted on the hitch in front of the propane tanks. Sorry, I didn't reply earlier. I've never joined a forum before and I'm still trying to figure out how it works and how you keep track of your posts.

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