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knunut 05-04-2007 06:39 AM

Throttle Body Space Adapter
I hope that's what it's called. Had service done on my TV yesterday and the service adv.suggested that i buy and they install a Throttle Body spacer.Has anyone tried this? Last time in they installed a Cold Air Induction Kit.(GM Performance Air Intake) The air intake has improved power/mpg.
Thank' knunut
PS. also swithced to Synth.(Mobil 1) yesterday 5.3LChev 82000Miles.

overlander63 05-04-2007 09:21 AM

How tall a spacer do they want to put in? if they go too high, it can cause hesitation issues.

thecatsandi 05-04-2007 09:48 AM

Didn't they used to do this with carburated engines? Every time gas prices go up there is a slew of products claiming to help improve milage. Usually it only helps the bottom line of the company selling it.

knunut 05-04-2007 10:03 AM

Throttle Body Adapter
Not sure of size.They come from a company called "airaid" i believe.I'll search some more also.They Help performance and MPG ?

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overlander63 05-04-2007 11:41 AM

I remember high-rise intake manifolds, some of them were so tall the fuel would fall out of atomization before getting to the combustion chamber, it made things worse than leaving it alone.
A small spacer will allow the fuel to cool slightly before entering the engine, allowing more fuel to enter the combustion chamber, and increasing horsepower.
There are a lot of things out there right now promoting increased fuel economy, a lot of them are no more than snake oil, and some are downright harmful to your engine.
The biggest things you can do to increase fuel economy are:
1-most important--keep your tires properly inflated. If I had a dollar for every car that came into my shop with tires that were more than 5 PSI under what they should be, I wouldn't have to work again. (probably 8 out of 10)
2-Fresh spark plugs (platinum if it's not an oil burner), wires, cap and rotor, PCV valve (this gets forgotten a lot)
3-clean air filter and fuel filter. Most are pretty cheap, if you own a MoHo, you can replace them in the spring before camping.
4-Synthetic oil. This can save a little fuel, but the savings is more in the increased lifespan of your engine. Make sure you have all minor oil leaks stopped before switching, as a small leak with dino oil will become a major hemorrage with synthetic.
5- SLOW DOWN. 65-75 mph is great for getting there, but if I drive my truck at 55 I get 17 MPG with an F250, I get 12 at 75.
These are my fuel-saving tips, all are proven to save fuel, or wear, or both.
It probably should go in its own thread, I may move it there later.:cool:

Fyrzowt 05-04-2007 12:25 PM

Great post - you are absolutely right.

knunut 05-06-2007 10:37 AM

Spacer and more snake oil.
Thank's for the info.Ive even put nitrogen in the tires(more snake oil) trying to get more mpg out of my chevy 5.3 Gas Engine.
I guess the next step is to order the Ford 250 SD TCD 4X4,and be done with it.

Denis4x4 05-07-2007 06:04 AM

An engine is nothing more than a big air pump. Improving the air intake is great, but for maximum effect, you have to improve the exhaust system with a cat-back kit. Risers have been around for years and their effect on performance and economy is certainly questionable.

overlander63 05-07-2007 06:31 AM


Originally Posted by knunut
Thank's for the info.Ive even put nitrogen in the tires(more snake oil) trying to get more mpg out of my chevy 5.3 Gas Engine.
I guess the next step is to order the Ford 250 SD TCD 4X4,and be done with it.

Sorry to yank the wheels off your wagon. I guess it's better to find out now, rather than after doing all manner of modifications, and no improvement, or worse, a decrease.
A free-flowing exhaust is imprtant. A forums member brought his moho to me for some tires and front end work. I noticed that his mufflers were very restrictive-looking, and we went over to Napa and got a pair of turbo-style mufflers, and installed them. His power and acceleration went up dramatically. An added bonus is most exhaust upgrades sound cool.:cool:

knunut 05-08-2007 07:30 AM

Wheels Still On Wagon
We are at the point do we invest more into our TV or get the new one. I think most member's get to that point at some time.We like our present TV (02 Avalanche) but saw the 08 Ford 250 SD and Love it!
We are taking a trip to Texas next week and will see how we do with MPG etc. It will be our first trip with the new Safari.(our first airstream).I will post the result's.
Thank's for the input.If we keep the 02 I might get the cat-back system and keep it for 2-5 years more.Otherwise we will make a Ford Salesperson Happy!

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