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Mr. D 04-18-2007 11:28 AM

I need to repair damage to the aluminum skin on my 345 MH.
I'm looking for advice on repairing damage to the skin directly above my wheel well on the front right side of my 345. On a recent trip to Florida (4/13) I blew a tire and like a bomb it damaged the skin up past the Banks powerpack grill and back to the front running light just behind the wheel. I live in Michigan and I can't find anyone to service this kind of damage to an Airstream. Is the factory in Ohio the only spot that handles this kind of damage? or do I have other options. Mr. D.

CanoeStream 04-18-2007 12:41 PM

Can you post pictures? Thanks

Mr. D 04-19-2007 10:09 AM

Pictures of damaged 345 MH
I will attempt to share pictures of the damage ... but I have a severe technology deficiency ... currently my insurance has most of the pictures... Mr. D.

Mr. D 04-27-2007 03:14 PM

swebster 04-29-2007 10:08 PM

Ouch! Tire blew out?

There are three ways to repair this one....the "cheap" way, the "decent" way and the "perfect" way.

The cheap way would be to replace the lower section where the docking light is located with sheet stock. Cut to size, rivet back in, replace beltline and live with the crease in the "fender".

The decent way would be to install a replacement panel (again made of sheet) over the existing "fender" panel" from the awning ribline forward to just past the damage and extending under the trim below the window. This would be a "scab" concept if you will.

The perfect way would be to replace the entire "fender" panel with a new one from Airstream. Because it's aluminum, there is no way to remove the crease so the only way to acheive an "as new" replacement would be this approach. Ideally, this kind of work should be peformed by Airstream at the factory or one of the better repair shops. This is also a very expensive panel to purchase.

All three would require trim replacement on the fender and the beltline.

Mr. D 05-01-2007 07:46 AM

Thanks for the advice.
Thanks for the advice, my goal is to restore to original condition, or as near to that as I can. Currently I am in discussion with an outfit in Holland Michigan that does this kind of repairs. I have not received an estimate from them but I'm expecting something between two and three thousand dollars. Once I get a couple of estimates I will be in the position of deciding whether to do it myself or have someone else do that for me. Does anyone have experience with this type of work that could give me somekind of appreciation for the level of difficulty I would be encountering? I have a parts list and prices from Airstream, the Banks grill and light fixture are no longer being made so getting those parts is another question I need to throw out for advice....Mr. D.

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