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IPM 04-08-2007 11:11 AM

Correct GM a6 compressor for dash AC?
How the heck do I find, identify, purchase the correct correct gm a6 compressor for my P30 chasis excella 28 motor home (1981)?

I have the wrong compressor installed (rigged to work, see this thread ) and wanna make it correct.

Any help appreciated. What reference do I give the auto parts counter?


guy99 04-08-2007 11:25 AM

I had my dash air compressor replaced by the Airstream Service Center in Jackson Center. Maybe they could help if you give them a call, although I have not found them very helpful with questions about chassis related items when I call or email them. Seems like the guys in the shop know stuff that whoever handles inquires does not.

IPM 05-09-2007 08:19 PM

I'm sticking with an alternate drive belt arrangement; working very well. Using gates belts and are definately worth the extra $$; got them from Napa. Very heavy duty and 5X more than the autozone cheapo's. Sure like big blocks ;)

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