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chris clark 02-27-2007 07:21 AM

Replace floor or raise toilet?
I just purchased my first vintage trailer, a 1965 Safari. It's in very good condition and has spent much of it's life indoors. One problem, though, is that the toilet isn't hooked up. Previous owner said he used the sprayer from bathroom sink to 'flush'. It doesn't appear to be very complicated, but there are two or three places where water lines should be connected to toilet, but aren't. I don't know where and how these hoses are supposed to go. It's a china toilet, not plastic. It appears that there should be a copper tube inserted into rear of toilet for water to the bowl. Anyway, any diagrams or pictures of this unit out there?

Also, I noticed the toilet is approximately 3/4" below the fiberglass shell that surrounds it and is leaning a little to the curb side. Looks like the floor is still very solid, but over the years has probably gotten wet a few times and has slowly warped a little and drooped, lowering the toilet somewhat. Does the toilet help to hold up the fiberglass seat/surround? Does it play a role in the stuctural integrity of the fiberglass unit? Can it be shimmed up or do I need to replace the flooring?

Finally, while I'm there (I'm also replacing the Univolt and battery), should I go ahead and replace the noisy water pump with something more modern/efficient/quieter?

markdoane 02-27-2007 07:50 AM

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If you have a Saniware toilet, the plumbing should look like the photo below.

Very important! Newer toilets have a vacuum breaker anti siphon valve hidden inside. This model does not. If you want to add a water supply line, make sure you include the anti siphon valve 6" above the water level.

chris clark 02-27-2007 08:05 AM

Nope, mine has a foot pedal that sticks through the fiberglass into bathroom and has a semi-complicated mass of plumbing connections on the back of the toilet. The flush pedal is also higher than the one in the picture: it actually is about 8-10 inches above floor. I'd bet it's original to the trailer, which is a 65 Safari.

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