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2airishuman 02-10-2007 09:50 PM

2008-the next FORD super duty is here now......
ok ford friendly folks and wannabe’s

I drove the 2008 super duty f-250 with the new 6.4l powerstroke diesel


also crawled over the new 450 dually and the 550 dually.
the 450 is a new model with more towing capacity (gearing, axles and detuned diesel) but with 1 ton creature comforts.

here are initial impressions, some vehicle details and random puffs of soot free exhaust.

front view is the obvious visual change.
the headlights have been swapped so main beams are now lower which will be good for oncoming traffic.
running lights are same height but wider set.
the grill is bigger, much bigger.
this grill is matt black on some models and body color on others and
plastic/chrome on the lariat and king ranch lariat.
‘super duty’ is stamped into the top.

the big change however is that the grill is now attached to the engine bay lid.
so when one pops the lid the grill raises along with it.
it will be easier to place a bug screen over the radiators with this arrangement
and reach up to close is easier.

the hood has a different bulge pattern and the front quarter panels are different.
on the base models the headlight molding is matte black
so from a distance the grill appears to encompass the headlights; it does not.

front chrome bumper now has an integrated composite ‘step/ledge’,
so climbing up to play in the bay is easier.
the doors and body side panels appear the same or very close to the last model.
no changes to the crappy plastic door handles or locking mechanism.
the window seals and door seals are a NEW design for noise reduction.

same color options and combos.
same body side moldings, trim, step rails and so on.

a few new wheel options especially in 20s.

along with the xl, xlt, lariat and kings ranch there is a new model...
the ‘fx4’ (black leather and techie interior and skid plates) slotted just below the lariat

head lights and tail lights are from a different mold
but the bulb technology is unchanged; no new leds 2 my eye.

side mirrors are bigger and the molding is square-ish rather than rounded.
the double extension bars are square too (this means our c-betr mirrors won’t fit)
the lower convex section is MUCH larger than previous. so this is better too.
the big change is extension and folding come with a ‘power’ option COOL!
still the best towing mirrors in the field!

the firewall and front/dash steel are reported to be thicker and better at deadening noise.
instead of the blocker beam front framing this year the frame members are lowered to near auto height.
a crash/safety issue.

same cab size options.
i looked over a regular cab, supercab and the crew cab.
seatbelts are now ‘door’ mounted on the supercab instead of integrated into the seat backs.

same bed length options and 30 gal or 38 gallon tanks.

new this year is an option for integrated step and railing in the tail gate.
this works fine but i wouldn’t order it.
also a bed extender that folds into the sides.
it can be used inside the closed bed as a ‘container’ or folded out with the tail gate down.
this would be great for folks hauling golf carts, motor bikes and so on.

the tail gate is balanced and pretensioned with struts.
so it feels very light and easily closes with one arm, whereas the last model is a beast to lift.
it now feels like the 150s and ge’em tailgates.
‘super duty’ lettering is stamped into the metal work.

the receiver appears unchanged
but the very last frame cross-member is welded so the area looks beefier.

the trailer electrical connection still offers 7pin and 4pin,
but the outlet is a cleaner, integrated design rather than 2 separate plugs.

ride height, track, width and wheel base lengths are unchanged

here the big visual change is the dash/steering wheel.
these follow the styling of the f-150 and nissan somewhat.
there are 4-5 options from base plastic/bright trim to an anodized metal...
to the trusty fake wood we all love on the lariat and kings ranch.
air vents can be closed and have bright bezels.
the brake controller is in virtually the bottom center and just as hard to reach.
there are new stereo options with hookup for dvd and music players or satellite radio.
the box between the front seats is REALLY large now.
a laptop will fit flat or on end along with vertical files.
12v outlet inside the box and on the back side too.

same seat colors and options.
new is a memory option for mirrors/seats and 2 level heated seats.

cab heater has the option for a 2nd ‘rapid heat supplemental heater’ that doesn’t rely on engine heat.
cabin can be warmed in about 2 minutes.
dual zone heating is new this year.
windows, moon roof and rear slider unchanged.

the drives key/ignition now has a ‘smart chip’ and remote start option…passive theft prevention is supposedly improved
but there is still no real starter disconnect or alarm.

the drivetrain/mechanicals…

while there is lots of hype about the ‘new’ powerstroke…let’s break this down.
the block is still the original 6.0 i think.
with only 50cc increase in displacement per cylinder,
this increase must come from the valve design and subtle piston changes.
the bore and stroke are unchanged i think.
the crank shaft is bigger and the rods stiffened.

horse power is increased to 350 and torque to 650…wow.

a first on trucks is the dual turbos.
a higher pressure smaller one spools up for take off
and a larger lower pressure one for top end torque and towing.
the last model had variable veins to accomplish this.

the pistons now have ‘internal oil jets’ for more cooling.
a big change is the piezo electric high pressure common rail fuel injection.
i don’t know who makes this component for ford but this is fairly common on euro diesels.
basically the fuel pump pre pressurizes to 28,000 psi and the injectors squirt...
really tiny precise bursts of fuel.
think about inkjet printer technology because it is basically the same process.
fuel can be injected at a more precise compression point for better combustion.
this also is cleaner and quieter and supposedly more fuel efficient.

there are SIX cooling/radiators on this thing with one just for the fuel pump.
the main radiator is from the f-550 and much much larger that last year.

ford no longer refers to fuel warming units as glow plugs.
instead they are called something else…
and activate instantly and down to 20 below zero.

along with the block heater a supplemental really cold weather heater is an option.

a 5.4 gasser and the 6.8 gasser are still options.
the v10 has the most hp and torque of any light duty truck.

the torque shift tranny has stronger gear sets and a larger torque converter.
5 final drive rear end options.
the tranny is still a six speed with 5 active gears.
on the manual side is a 6 speed tranny.

front suspension is beefier and the rear leaf springs are LONGER
which is reported to improve ride with light/heavy loads and reduce wheel wrap.
towing and hauling capacities are increased across ALL models.

the frame is now ‘electro-coated’ instead of that waxy stuff from previous models.
NEW engine mounts and body on frame mounts are supposed to be quieter too.

the exhaust is stainless and includes a 2 stage ‘diesel oxidation catalyst and diesel particualate filter’
which reduces the soot 10x, to the equal of gasoline engine.
this thing is self cleaning and runs very hot.
the tail pipe is now dual and vented for the last foot.
of course ONLY ULSD fuel can be used or bio5/ulsd mix.

the engine oil is a new standard (cj-4).
so the diesel oil used these last 3-4 years (cl-4) is not compatible with the 6.4.
otoh the oil change intervals have been increased to 10,000 miles and
fuel filter changes increased to 20,000 miles.
i don’t know IF this is using a new/different fuel filter or just the result of ‘cleaner’ diesel.

the ride…

well the beast fires up faster.
basically just turn the ignition on.
it is clearly quieter.
while i’m a poor judge of noise the whole think vibrates less and feels much smoother
and there is ZERO soot it appears.

the ride feels basically unchanged to me which is good.
i actually like how these trucks with the old fashion front axles ride.
it feels quicker but i didn't redline a new truck with 15 miles on the odo.

fit and finish are as good as my 05
which was very well assembled and remains so.

pricing is from 20s to 60s.
the truck built as my 05 is about 2-3,000$ more.
and with a few extras like the power mirrors and memory seats, another 1000$
the new tailgate features are 3-500 bucks.
and fully integrated dash navigation system for 1800$
or the new garmin dash top options for 5-600$...

i’m sure to have missed or mangled many issues...
but the trucks are here so let the games begin!

questions comments and the usual harassments welcome....


AZstreamin 02-10-2007 10:08 PM

Solid review 2air thorough as usual... Did you sit in the KR? The pictures I've seen show the leather a little different color than what I have currently. How about the power telescoping mirrors?...seems like cool concept or is it something just designed to break. The step in the rear looks fancy could be good when set-up in camp but for 5 hunge I could buy an awesome step ladder with built in foot did you trade?

Silvertwinkie 02-10-2007 10:11 PM

Hopefully they'll sell a lot of these....they need a good selling vehicle to pull the out of the abyss.

safari57 02-10-2007 10:11 PM

This is great information. None of the hype we get in the mags and the sales reps.


2airishuman 02-10-2007 10:15 PM

hi azstreamin...

no kings ranch in stock yet. i agree the photo is darker/red...

the mirrors work great. i agree one more thing to fail but i've got them on other vehicles without issues...

except the replacement cost is higher!

the integrated tail gate step looks like a huge accident waiting to happen...

especially coming down hill from the bed...

after a few beers...

no trade...

i'm headed for mexico, do they have ulsd fuel yet?


AZstreamin 02-10-2007 10:34 PM

1 Attachment(s)

Originally Posted by 2airishuman
hi azstreamin...

no kings ranch in stock yet. i agree the photo is darker/red...

after a few beers...

no trade...

i'm headed for mexico, do they have ulsd fuel yet?


there are two KRs on eBay what can I say I'm ate up with the castano leather its really nice....

maybe you'll trade when you get back from 'ol mexico?

I'll drive one once they hit the lots here...but i'll probably wait another year to trade....

as far as mexico goes.... seriously doubt they have ulsd yet... below is a picture of what they call 'spidermen'.... this is how they move large trucks from one factory to another for final assembly... sometimes that means driving like this for hundreds of miles.... just add a six pack and the driver is on his way.....

cosmotini 02-10-2007 10:34 PM


Originally Posted by 2airishuman
ok ford friendly folks and wannabe’s

I drove the 2008 super duty f-250 with the new 6.4l powerstroke diesel

questions comments and the usual harassments welcome....


...and lead us not into temptation ... :D

2airishuman 02-10-2007 10:37 PM


Originally Posted by safari57
Thanks, Barry

you are welcome...

i stopped in to buy a locking fuel cap...
turns out ford doesn't stock one, but napa does...

and on the back lot there be 6 of these rolling off the hauler....

my sales guy saw me and came out with the keys to a lariat crew cab 4x4 and i was off!

of course my 15 minute visit became 90 minutes as i crawled over and under each truck!

at 18 degrees it was too cold for photos :D



yo' cosmotini! how ya be'n ?
the red with lariat is mighty cool lookin...
think of it as a way to go green:D for the enviroment...

2airishuman 02-11-2007 07:38 PM

these aren't my photos...

2008 Ford Super Duty unveiled (F-250, F-350, F-450) | Leftlane - Car News For Enthusiasts

but they do show some of the features discussed...

like the tail gate step, folding mirrors and interior changes...

or the ipod port, dvd player and truck bed extender...

az' the coloration of the kings ranch leather appears more like previous years too..


WhiteyFord 02-20-2007 05:18 PM

Mexico? What about Mexico??

Originally Posted by 2airishuman
i'm headed for mexico, do they have ulsd fuel yet?

2air, did I miss an earlier post about a trip to Mexico? If so, Sorry I missed it. Where are you headed down and how long you planning to stay?
One of the reasons I bought the 07 PSD was because we plan to spend a little time in manana land in the near future. I hear there's to be no ulsd until the end of 08 at the very earliest and not likely even then. They haven't yet turned a shovel to build a facility for ulsd. Only the border cities will have imported fuel from the US.
Plz keep good notes cuz we want a full report on your return. Buen vieja!:)


TomR 02-20-2007 05:48 PM

2air..thanks for the great write-up. If the new 6.4 turns out to be a reliable engine it should allow Ford to keep their truck sales volume lead.

The new F 450 Super Duty really has some towing stats...may even replace some MDT for some marginal applications? Did you say their is an F 550 in Super Duty pick-up trim?

I look forward to tracking the owners as they report on their experiences with the new 6.4 ULSD and how it holds up and performs...the 6.0 just about allowed GM with the Duramax/Allison to take over the diesel pick-up crown...Thanks Again...Tom R in Two Harbors

P.S. That F 450 would sure do a nice job on pulling your 34' up the mountains! TMR :)

Tin Diesel 02-20-2007 06:23 PM

from their website via printscreen
2 Attachment(s)
This is the F450

2airishuman 02-20-2007 06:30 PM

hey super duty watchers...

this month trailer life has a superduty/powerstroke review story...

a pretty good piece and towing report....

yes they like it too, and only made a few mistakes...:p

but i didn't see it till a week after my post....



Devoman 02-20-2007 06:56 PM

I seen the issue also in trailer life 3 days ago.It was pretty cool seeing all the stuff but that thing is to much truck for me.Nice setup though.I still like the style of the f250's still.

hookedonclassic 02-20-2007 08:12 PM

2air: I thought you were a GM man? Planning to attend the Midwest Rally again this year? Didn't see your name yet on the list.

Pick 02-20-2007 08:24 PM

From what I have been reading in the Duramax camp, fuel mileage is way down. If diesel stays a lot higher than regular gas, and mileage down, what is the point in paying $7500 for the diesel option? Power alone would not do it for me. Some of the new gasoline engine power ratings are quite good and cost a lot less!

2airishuman 02-20-2007 09:37 PM


Originally Posted by hookedonclassic
2air: I thought you were a GM man?

now see THAT is funny!


oh, and pick the v10 has hp and torque bumped to 'best in class' figures...

362 hp and 457 ft/lbs torque...

not too bad for a gasser. we won't mention mpg however.

i saw a f-550 tow truck today with the v10, not a common find.

overlander63 02-20-2007 09:49 PM


Originally Posted by 2airishuman
i saw a f-550 tow truck today with the v10, not a common find.

Repo men like them, as they are quiet. Can't wake the natives while stealing their cars...

2airishuman 02-20-2007 09:54 PM


Originally Posted by overlander63
Repo men like them, as they are quiet. Can't wake the natives while stealing their cars...

that explains why this guy was following me....


AZstreamin 02-20-2007 10:06 PM

The V10 has some poop... economy aside for a moment.. Plenty of get off the line equal in a tow-climb side by side with my 6.0 diesel except the last little push on a large summit. Diesel doesn’t fade as much. Now the '08 6.4L PSD where does it stop?.. Do I need 650lbs of torque? Holly tire wear! I thought the 570lbs was enough... 350hp! Good god...

So my generic rule of thumb is IF diesel prices stay around 30% or so over gas I'm still coming out ahead when compared to the v10.

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