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kenny2 01-14-2007 12:16 PM

S-10 Blzer/Jimmy as tow vehicle for Minuet
Would like to get a vehicle for extended trips w our 1977Argosy 6.0 metre Minuet. Weight on scaleswas slightly less than #3000. Will be used for trips where most miles are non-towing. Have always had 2500 suburbans as we have a 25' and 34' Excellas. Would also like to use the smaller vehicle for local fishing/camping trips off road (w/o trailer).

Would consider other vehicles also. Goal is better fuel economy non-towing and smaller vehicle forin town driving and parking.


overlander63 01-14-2007 12:45 PM

While the engine and drivetrain are capable enough, the Blazer/Jimmy platform has too short a wheelbase for stable towing. The same thing that makes them good in hard to get to places, is the same thing you need to avoid. I towed an Argosy 20 with an Astro van for a while, maybe you can get a standard length Astro with the 4 wheel drive option. Same running gear as the Blazer, but a bit more stable for towing.

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