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hex 12-10-2002 11:33 AM

Absent Members
I have noticed that one of our members ...Charlie... who joined us way back on 3-13-02 (forum started 2-14-02) has only posted one time. At least under that nick.

The profile shows him to be a RV Parts Manager in Boise Idaho.

I wonder if this is Charlie Burke of VAC list fame? Burke has had a RV q&a, forum or column of his own in the past.
Does anyone know if Charlie Burke is still active?
I would like to ask him why he left the forum, if in fact he was ever a member.

Whether it is Charlie Burke or not, we could surely use the knowledge of a RV parts Manager.

It is a shame that so many of the members here post very little or not at all. I hope that a high percentage of them do still lurk and peruse. I assume it does no good to PM them if they don't log onto the forum. (Is that correct ? or will the PM show up as reg e-mail to them?

smily 12-10-2002 11:58 AM

WBCCI Blue Beret articles
If you were a WBCCI member then you would receive a monthly edition of the Blue Beret which is complimented with a monthly article by Dave Schumann, "Director of Service, Parts, and Warranty Administration" at Airstream.

Now theres a RV parts manager for ya!
Probably knows a little about an Airstream too.:D


ALANSD 12-10-2002 02:04 PM

we moderators have discussed trying to get more people to post. If you notice the number of members who are active on the board, still only a small percentage regularly post, or even ever do. I try to answer or help find an answer to the unanswered posts (no replies list) and welcome new members and posters heartly to encourage their involvement. But it's like many things you get about 10% that are involved, while many like to "observe". Nothing wrong with that but more solid input and good questions are what this is all about.

smily 12-10-2002 02:13 PM

I usually see about half of the attendance is Guest'.
I sometime wonder if they know that this forum is FREE!

Maybe a thread titled "Guest" with some info that this site is free.

I realize that the site does indicate that there is a way to join but I believe a Thread with info would get more results. If you dont believe that, get this....

The reason that I refresh the WBCCI survey thread so often is because I get request only when the thread is active near the top of the list, go figure.


InsideOut 12-10-2002 02:48 PM

Smily ~

I think...if a member has chosen "yes" for the "Invisible Mode" option in their profile, they will show-up as a "guest" when logged in.

Maybe a moderator can confirm/deny this...


jcanavera 12-11-2002 10:46 AM

Re: Absent Members

Originally posted by hex
I I wonder if this is Charlie Burke of VAC list fame? Burke has had a RV q&a, forum or column of his own in the past.
Does anyone know if Charlie Burke is still active?
I would like to ask him why he left the forum, if in fact he was ever a member.

Yes it is one and the same. Not sure why he hasn't come back here. He does monitor the Airstream List that resides on Yahoo.


Pahaska 12-11-2002 10:55 AM

I wonder
What became of thenewkid64?

He racked up about 825 posts on this forum in record time, more than anyone else here, but he doesn't show up in the top 20 poster list in the statistics for the last month.

hex 12-11-2002 12:25 PM

Short-finger blues
I think that theNewKid64 aka Brett is Edie G's other half. She's still postin' so mayby he's givin her the chance to catch up.:D

850 posts, Man! maybey his fingers are in rehab!

Pahaska 12-11-2002 12:54 PM

My face is red!
I finally got smart enough to check. thenewkid64 is now a super-moderator. I should have known that. My brain has been on vacation since my flood.

Andy R 12-11-2002 03:00 PM

Charlie Burke
Charlie Burke is a very nice and SMART man. I purchased my Bambi in Idaho and his shop picked it up and fixed it up for me prior to my arrival. That is when I built the forums. I had so many questions and did not like the seaching capability of the Yahoo! group.

I begged him to join, and he did. But he likes the Yahoo! List better (as many people do). Communicating via email can be much faster for those with slower connections. But dont worry, we will have that option soon!

Come back Charlie! We want your input in the forums!


thenewkid64 12-11-2002 03:50 PM

I am here, I seem to be spending time reading, more than posting. The membership has grown and many of the new members have picked up where I left off. I have also been busy travelling in my MH. I still login daily but the members have been posting such good responses that I have not felt the need to reply. I tend to reply to the technical questions and my better half (EdieG) does the pets and interior furnishings. I still contribute, but with fewer posts.

If there is an issue that needs moderator attention please let me know.

hex 12-19-2002 03:07 PM

Briefs: Lost & Found
You know I had wondered what ever became of 'Carol'. well I still don't know but glad her knickers are safe with the "canny Ol' banjo Man" so at least he is well "briefed". :D

Another missing member that I have wondered about was the gal up in Washington state with the cats who was pulling out and gonna see the world in her Airstream. Apparently she circled the block and vanished....? :confused:
Sorry I do not remember her name. Any word on where she went and how it's going? She promised to keep us all "briefed" ;)

74Argosy24MH 12-19-2002 03:48 PM

Hey Hex

Is this the one you are thinking about? I wonder what happened to her also.


hex 12-19-2002 03:54 PM

Yep thats her!

Cheryl and her Silver Twinkie "Swiftie": and the cat.:rolleyes:

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