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TomR 10-30-2006 02:56 PM

AS Best/Better "Quality" Production Years???...Looking Used
Hi All...I have learned a great deal from "lurking" and by posting a bit. I have learned that I want a newer AS...vs a '70s vintage. I am not willing and maybe not able to take on some of the floor/frame work that seems way to common on the many 70s models.

That said...I have seen some mention of the "good" years of AS production as opposed to what must be the "not as good years". Maybe like Harley owners refer to the "AMF" years of Harley ownership as maybe not as "good" as other years.

What are the differences/opinion regarding say 80s/90s/2000s...regarding used ASs...likely a 28'-31' in an "upgraded" version...wife likes the real wood :)! I am thinking that a 15 year old or less would be most likely to be in "like new" condition...with the possibilty of finding an occassional one a bit older than 15 years.

What years stand out as maybe "better" quality, etc...I am not afraid of replacing floorcovering/drapes/upholstery etc...if necessary...but want to start with a solid foundation.

Don't mean to you get my direction? Thanks...TomR in Two Harbors, MN

P.S. Something tells me that some of the slightly older ASs may be better quality than say a one or two year old one...which is another option...TMR

maxandgeorgia 10-30-2006 03:42 PM

Hello again, Tom in Two Harbors! We have a Classic Limited '95, 30', that has that great wood ( in addition, it has wood floors that replaced old carpet). We think she is standing the test of time very well. She has only two chronic problems that commonly plague this era: clear coat splotchiness and ceiling liner droop. You can look up both issues using the search feature on the menu bar above. Both are curable, depending on your degree of pickiness and depth of budget (!). People take different routes to solutions for these. For us, (and we are cheap!) we clean up the progressive clear coat disintegration with yearly scrub with blue cleaner and polish with Liquid Glass. This doesn't stop the splotchies, but makes them better, in my eye. We also did the quilt pattern screws with covers to improve the ceiling droop which I think is neat looking and solves the problem. Just my thoughts on your question~G

wheel interested 10-30-2006 03:52 PM

Georgia that's a great fix! I never heard of that one. It does sound like an enhancement rather than a mend.

And Tom if I were going for a used Safari I would get 2002 or earlier. From the pictures and descriptions it seems there was a turn there. Look in the classifieds here for Jim Mickle's 2002 25' Safari, he has corian and all the upgrades in it. You will immediately see the difference in cabinetry and other appointments. I think the gap between Safri and Classic has widened in the never ending quest to raise that bottom line for Thor.

TomR 10-30-2006 04:54 PM

Hi knowledge level is rising and I am beginning to focus! I know there are some real nice 90's out there...just have to learn about them and watch carefully. Need to start planning for a barn/garage/workshop...have to use part of our 80 acres.

BTW...I went through the Two Harbors Campground last is hardy souls up here. Forecast is for snow tomorrow :).

Thanks for the input...I sense some of the better "wood" and interiors is in the "earlier" opposed to new.

Tom R in Two Harbors, MN

TomR 10-30-2006 04:57 PM

Hi Carol...I know what you mean...the "finishing" seems to vary...some years have laminate cabinets and others wood. My wife wants a nice wood finishing...corian would be nice...along with wooden/Pergo/? floors.

I saw Jim's For Sale...think we want an island/queen. Maybe a nice 25' would be the place to start:).

Thanks...Tom R in Two Harbors

P.S. Where is Lapeer...we are not toooo far from MI...went around Lake Superior on our motorcycles last year...did the Makinac Island day on the way...TMR

wheel interested 10-30-2006 05:18 PM

Well hey, you are right by Taquamenon Falls, pret near! We did a lakes tour last year too hitting our favorite places. Drove to Ludington then caught the ferry and took the AS across and made our way to Penninsula State Park, Door County, then to Porcupine Mountain, then Taquamenon Falls across the bridge and back home.

You live in a beautiful place Tom, and what better way to see it than to cycle. Cool. I envy you. Looks like we are 600 plus miles away though. We are in Lapeer, so the South East part of Michigan, in the thumb.

When I see the interiors of the older Classics they really seem to show much more quality in fit and finish and luxury than the new Classics. Ahhhh, but such is the time we live in.

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