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Carl1949 09-24-2006 08:07 AM

toilet issues
When my wife and I flush our toilet, there is air coming up from the holding tank, sometime splashing. There obviously is more pressure in the holding tank than inside our rv. What might be causing this? We have put the tank treatment that we always use in, but it continues to be a problem. Your advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

CanoeStream 09-24-2006 08:15 AM

Hello Carl -- Your profile does not list year and type of trailer, so here goes ... approximately.

There is a roof vent in the black tank that normally likes to draw gases out that way. What you report can happen if no air flow is available when you flush. If you have the bathroom exhaust fan on and all windows in the trailer shut, you will have air pulled up out of the toilet when you flush.

Splashing? I'm lost on this one if I assume the tank is not nearing completely full.

moosetags 09-24-2006 08:34 AM

Before flushing, try opening the bathroom door and see if it makes any difference.

Carl1949 09-24-2006 09:04 AM


We own another brand, but I know you Airstreamers know what you are talking about when it comes to RVs. Since the holding tanks and toilets are all basically the same, the air vent from the black tank might be my problem. A dirt dobber might have built a nest in there.

The splashing is caused when there is water in the toilet bowl. When I flush it, the air from inside the holding tank pushes back into the rv causing a "small eruption"!!! :)

Thanks for your input. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.


CanoeStream 09-24-2006 09:14 AM

Take a look at this post by john hd about replacing roof vents:

This picture from this thread shows the new rubber gasket pulled down over a piece of flexible plastic screen. That is what keeps those pesky wasps out! I'd bet the black tank would digest any nest that fell down the vent pipe.

Carl1949 09-24-2006 10:23 AM

very helpful info
Thank you very much for the useful and helpful info! Now I just need to get myself up on top and examine the vents. The picture including the screen is a great idea!

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