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sailhighc 09-02-2006 01:43 PM

Motorhome owner wannabe needs advice
My wife and I are planning on purchasing a used motorhome with the intention of living and traveling for 6 months or more. We do not expect to spend much time in campgrounds, we are looking for more out of the way places. We have been living on a sailboat for the last 10 years. Never having even been in a motorhome I would like to get some advice about purchasing a used motor home and living in one. What are the important questions to ask a seller? What problems are airstream motorhomes prone to? What are the essentials of inspecting a motorhome for purchase? Are appliances used in airstream motorhomes eaisly and inexpensivly replaced, or are they more or less custom? Can anyone suggest a website or book directed towards new or wannabe motorhome users? Thanks in advance Rick

ALANSD 09-02-2006 03:10 PM

the systems will be similiar to you sailboat, just having a chassis underneath all that will be you biggest change. Airstream motorhomes come in so many varieties its hard to nail down common problems without know what year range, price range etc you are looking at,
You can also visit and other such ocmmunities to get more specific info on motorhomes in general, as opposed to just the AS brand.
So many variables. Diesel or gas, new or old, class A, B, C, etc.
You need to get familiar with the terminology and figure out what appeals to you. There are some terrific newer ones out there.

Mike Lewis 09-02-2006 04:22 PM

Rick--I'm not sure about the later model air stream MH's but the trailers and the early ones have a feature thats important in my book especially when buying used or older vehicles. That is all, appliances, cabinets, interior furnishing come in through the door. This make replacement or remodeling much simpler. Have heard horror stories of having to remove roof sections to replace appliances in others.----pieman

ALANSD 09-02-2006 05:36 PM

Good point! Also the interior appointments are so well constructed in the Airstream classics, they hold up really well. There is little plywood or pressboard, its all aluminum sandwich material, even the walls inside.

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