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JAREDSHS 08-10-2006 09:38 AM

New Member
Hello to all. Have been in the shadows for a few days lurking and reading. I think that Airstreamers and "Wannabees" are the greatest kinds of people.
My wife Jean and I have been retired for a bit now and we are just enjoying our leisure time doing the things that we didn't have time to do while working. We still don't have our Airstream yet,still using our '71 BANNER-17 ft. We still dream of finally owing an Airstream though. I see some familiar names here from the other forum. Hope that I can contribute something helpfull from time to time. Thanks for all your knowledge and experience.

Dave Ginn

Tarheel 08-10-2006 09:40 AM

Welcome aboard Dave, I'm sure it won't be long until you have a silverbullet behind your rig too. The best.

Boondocker 08-10-2006 09:47 AM

Hi Dave
Welcome to the forums! You will find lots of information here as things progress for you. For what it is worth, there are a couple of gatherings this fall you might want to look into. There is a fall rally in Ga and a couple of us are working on having a small get together at LBL as well.

Mel 08-10-2006 10:04 AM

Hi Dave - welcome! You'll find lots of useful information here as you begin your search for the perfect Airstream. In the meantime it's great that you still have another trailer so you can keep camping.

CaddyGrn 08-10-2006 09:21 PM


Isn't retirement just the greatest! :) We sure think it beats working for a living! Besides, how did we ever have time to go to work? We are busier than ever!

Welcome to the forum. This is a great place to find information about Airstreams, meet great folks, and read posts that are funny, informational, good natured, and mostly just great! (used that word again... great)

Hope to see you in an Airstream some day! Airstreams rock!

Mrs. NorCal Bambi (traveling in S Tardis)

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