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hollandranch 07-27-2006 03:35 AM

Hollandranch, new Airstream Camping in Texas
Hello, my name is Hans and I am from Holland, Europe. We are starting a Airstream Camping in november in Buffalo Texas. What we need are Airstreams and people who want to help us fixed old Airstreams and make the suitable for out guests from all over the world. Please mail us when you are interested. For more information see our website

Regards, Hans Hendriks

Janet H 07-27-2006 09:04 AM

Welcome to the forums. Looks like a lovely spot to camp.

hollandranch 07-27-2006 01:09 PM

We hope that a Dutch approach will have succes. The most campings we have seen in America looks like a parkinglot from Walmart :blush: In Europe campings are often green and have a lot of privacy. We hope the combination of Airstreams and nice RV-places is something what will have succes.

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