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DebbyD42 07-09-2006 12:18 PM

1975 Argosy Owners Manual
My husband purchased our Argosy earlier this year off a family. We are in need of an owner's manual or atleast a copy of one. Any idea's of how or where to find this?.. We are updateing this one but it's in great shape.. Also need new twin bed mattresses and sofa cushions.. Any thoughts on those??.. Thanks for any help anyone can offer.


CanoeStream 07-09-2006 12:38 PM

Hello Debby -- and a hearty welcome to the Forums!

I bought standard RV twins from Camping World and they fit in my Argosy just fine. Maybe shop with your measurements in hand but I'm suspecting you'll find what you want.

Sofa cushions? Do you have the original? The seat & back have fabric continued across the junction so that Junior won't slip between them if used for a bed. If so I would recommend taking them to an upholstery shop. We had them make up new foam and everything. Our '74 had an upholstered arm rest along one side. I disassembled that and took those pieces too. It turned out great -- except that it cost something over $400.

Hmm... now for the manual. The stock answer is, "If you are looking for manuals, you can get reproductions from Helen Davis at Secretarial Services, PO Box 484, Sidney, OH 45365 (937) 492-8885." Argosy was an Airstream product (see the orange badge next to your door!) but made at a different plant - Versailles, OH. It'd be interesting if Jackson Center maintains Argosy manuals. I do have my '74 manual and doubt there is much difference, but the spine is simple glued paper and I haven't had the heart to flatten it out on a scanner to reproduce it. Let me know if Airstream doesn't have it. I could set up to photograph my manual pages (same jpeg files as a scanner) and make it up on CD, but that'd be a winter project... If you're interested in more specific info or data right away (GVWR, tank capacities, etc), please let me know.

Have you seen Overlander64's Argosy brochures. That is always interesting.

RVnDixie 07-18-2006 04:50 PM

Manual for Argosy
I just bought my Argosy June 1St. I would be interested in knowing where to get a manual also. Been working on mine since I bought it everyday after work. What a job! Good luck with your search and let me know what you find out! I am taking a break from the HEAT right now!

LRPorter 07-29-2006 11:25 AM

I have a 1976 24'. You can purchase a manual from a secretarial service in Jackson Center Ohio. I purchased the shop manual and was disappointed. Both manuals are difficult to read and the diagrams are impossible. Although I think one needs the users manual I am not as sure the shop manual will be useful. has the address. Search for Manuals.

Good Luck

We love our argosy. Be prepared to work. We have redone and cleaned ours.

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