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kbmckay 07-05-2006 10:11 PM

Lever type door lock
I'm trying to locate parts for a '69 Chesler brand door lock. It has "Airstream" in raised letters in the outside lever handle. I know the company is out of business, but was hoping someone out there may have a lead. No luck with Oasis, VTS, or Inland. Any help would be appreciated.


scottanlily 07-16-2006 08:42 PM

Hello kbmckay,
I will check with adams rv here in sb ca ,they might have somthing .Ill let
you know ,I am checking tomorrow .

Scott of scottanlily

ZoomZoom 07-16-2006 09:35 PM

You will need to install either an L-100 long bolt or an L-200 long bolt. These will only be available from an Airstream dealer. The basic lock -L-100 has a knob inside and out, the L-200 has a knob outside and a lever handle inside. The long bolt to change these locks is only available from Airstream. The bolt for conversion is available as a single item.
If you're at Adams RV tell Ruth and Jim, Greg said Hi

scottanlily 07-29-2006 08:17 PM

Yes Zoom Zoom correct ,Adams Rv, Ruth and Jim and Steve ,we work together often ,just bought some backing plates with brakes for a boat trailer the other day.Jim had the 61 62 aluminum sewer elbow and termination cap
in a dusty corner I needed as well as some new bargmann vintage plugs in
new conditon .good people ! Ill pass on the hello .


Martha 08-18-2006 08:18 AM

Suggestions on what to use for gasket around lock?
I guess I should have looked here first!
We just had our original lever door lock rebuilt by local locksmith...('68 overlander)....$50.00!!!
but now need to make the gasket....
wasn't really thinking we could find one-but we have the old one for template.

what material would be best?

Alumin8 08-20-2006 11:15 AM

I didn't like the choices for gasket on my last trailer so I used plumbers putty to seal the main door handle. It lasted ten years being exposed to the Florida weather without a problem. Easy to remove and service the handle and replace. I'm going to use it again on this trailer. Thrifty and effective.


BIGED52 08-20-2006 12:02 PM

Door Handle And Gasket
Kent, I replaced my Chesler w/lever lock assy. with the L-100 door lock from Inland on my 1967 Safari. It had the long bolt as did the new one. The folks from Inland told me when I ordered it that I might have to modify the opening in the door to get it to fit. I was very surprised and pleased to find that it fit my door opening perfectly with no modifications needed. The only difference between the two was the interior knob on the Chesler was a lever handle Vs. the L-100 having a round handle. Other than that they were identical and the new one works fine.
Martha, you can get gasket material in small sheets from auto supply stores or in the plumbing section of Lowes, Menards, or Home Depot. Then using your old gasket and a exacto knife cut out a new gasket. I then used a little sealant (Parbond) on both surfaces to make sure it sealed any moisture out. I believe that over time the rain leaking in around the backing plate is what caused my lock assembly to fail and break. Hope this helps you both. Ed

ckeysor 08-21-2006 09:27 AM

I have bought a number of locks from the Airstream dealer in Fort Wayne, IN (Bergin??). They have locks as well as quality shim kits. The shim kits are needed since the new locks are smaller than the older version. There shims are custom made solid alum (about 1/8 to 1/4 inch thick) with the lock space cnc'd out for a professional retrofit. I have bought a 1978 and a 1986 replacement lock from them and was very satisfied.

Martha 08-22-2006 02:03 PM

Chesler lock in 68 airstream
I believe that over time the rain leaking in around the backing plate is what caused my lock assembly to fail and break. Hope this helps you both. Ed

We discovered there is a very small pin hole opening in the handle of the lever that is poorly designed since water will enter there.

If the handle pin hole had been designed facing downwards, so many of us wouldn't be replacing our door locks!

Thanks so much everyone...your help has turned this in to a successful salvage project....

kbmckay 08-23-2006 09:34 PM

Thanks everyone for all the ideas. I decided to replace mine with a lock (and striker) from Vintage Trailer Supply. Knob on the outside, lever on the inside. Works fine. I'll hang on to the old lock in hopes that one day I'll use it again.


Martha 08-24-2006 07:56 AM

For future reference....
I recommend checking out your local "mom and pop" locksmiths....sometimes those leads pan out. So many people admire airstream and you never know if someone in "the trade" has held on to parts they have encountered over the years....
I was pleasantly surprised...and have the restored door handle with 68 Chesler cylinder to boot!

Martha 08-28-2006 02:18 PM

Chesler update
One more note to add to the replacement lever lock saga with Airstream lettering on handle...
The locksmith had asked us if our AS was a 1946 when he sold us the replacement cylinder-he thought that was the year of the lock he had....which we kinda looked at him funny-cuz we thought the handle/lock was original to our 68 LandYacht....
Upon closer look-it became very evident that it was not the original handle---the door opening had been hacked and you could see the discoloration where the other one had fit.
Nevertheless, we have a great new lock...from 1946, apparently....and we kept the handle with the lettering on it....
3 keys even.
Oh, happy day!:brows:

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