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John 11-03-2002 04:37 PM

Bear Beds -Air Mattress-any feedback out there?
I'm thinking of buying a air mattress and I was wondering if there is anyone out there who is using them? If so, could you please comment on them? If not, has anyone heard any feedback on them?

eikel1we 11-04-2002 12:01 AM

Hi John,

eikel1we 11-04-2002 12:09 AM

I'll try this again . . . I have no personal knowledge of these air beds but they do have a 90 day $ back guar't. and a 15 yr. war't. Just about anything would be better than the standard r.v. foam seat/beds and I do believe they would be comfy. They compared theirs to competitors. Try to test out someone elses and get a feel for an airbed? GoodLuck ! suz

Cat 11-05-2002 01:28 AM

I have to say this...I keep reading about the uncomfortable beds in the A/Ss.. and I just am amazed at why mine don't fit in that category.. I SWEAR...My Gaucho Couch (pull-out Futon-like double) THE most comfortable bed I've ever slept on. During the remodeling, we've taken it in the house and used it for the guest bed...and our Guests can't tell us enough in the mornings how well they slept.
And I've designed a roll-up pad that fills in the 'dip' where it folds to put on when making up the bed. (it rolls up and goes in a drawstring bag I made --- I made the pad too---just like a sleeping bag. I store it behind the Gaucho and it unrolls in snap and I also store the bottom contour (custom made too) sheet and another bag with the 3-layered topper.

The rear bed was the DOG! It's GONE...GONE as in G.O.N.E. It nearly filled up the entire bed'room'. and had a pull-out extender that gave you more footroom when you went to sleep...and someone had made 2 boarded foam blocks to fill in the gap by the rear window. These were always wet...and that's when I found my first leak---came from a big gap in the window trim (this is the emergency exit window); which apparently has to be re-caulked (with Vulchem) after each emergency use! (and no one knew). Thank GAWD it wasn't something worse. A shot of Vulchem and the leak is GONE -------- with the AWFUL BED!

Now, I have a extra-long TWIN bed sitting catty-wampus in there.. but, that's's just me..and there's enough room for custom storage bins all around it, under it, and my dresser and vanity on the side.

Bear's beds are AWESOME...and you can't buy them! LOL

ed gang 11-05-2002 02:10 PM

We have a 99 Excella 30ft queen which I bought new. The bed was terrible so we replace it with a bear bed. They will make one for you that has rounded ends so all the beding fits. Also it is real easy to get into the compartment underbed because it is so light. No strain on the lifts. We have a select Comfort for the house and this is just as good. Each side has individual controlls. Just don't let the air out when you are not hooked upto electricity.

jcanavera 11-05-2002 04:06 PM

Pricey, but as Ed noted we also have a Select Comfort as our home bed and it is extremely comfortable. If the Bear Bed is of comperable quality, it would be a big improvement. I know Select Comfort also makes RV beds but not the curved beds for A/S. If you are updating a Queen, you might want to do a price comparison with Bear Bed.

My wife bought one of those memory foam pads which makes a big difference on her twin in the Safari. I'm sure when she sees this thread, I'll be pulling out the credit card!



John 11-05-2002 06:59 PM

Thanks for the insights! I ordered a Bearbed twin mattress today and I'm sure it will be a great improvement over my current mattress.

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