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overlander64 11-02-2002 07:55 PM

Minuet Front Window Rock Guards
There seem to be a number of Argosy Minuet owners on the list now:cool: , and I am wondering if any of you have rock guards for your front windows. I am assuming since our coaches are 8-inches narrower than the regular line trailers that there won't be any available through Airstream, but I am wondering if they were available or installed on any of the Minuets runninng around today? With the expense of replacing the curved wing windows, I am getting a bit worried about towing my Minuet without a rock guard - - never wanted one on my '64 Overlander as it has a single, flat front window that is inexpensive to replace if it gets broken and it is so nice to be able to use the center rearview mirror to monitor traffic through the trailer's back window - - don't have to wonder if someone is tailgating - - you can see how close the vehicle is and it is great for backing the trailer into a short slot. I am just curious at this point as I have never seen a Minuet with a rock guard - - but that isn't saying anything as I have only seen about ten at this point.:confused:


thenewkid64 11-02-2002 09:05 PM

Could you not use the same rock guard as on the 1980s models but cutdown the center section so I will be the correct size?drill out a few rivets, 3 cuts and reassembly? You might even be able to find one at colaws salvage.
Just a suggestion

overlander64 11-02-2002 10:30 PM

Minuet Front Window Rock Guards
Greetings Brett!

Your suggestion caused me to do a little thinking. If the wing windows are the same dimensions as the regular coaches of the same time period - - it might be possible to have the best of both worlds - - modify a standard unit as you suggest and replace the center section material with clear Lexan that would permit the "see-through" design to still be a viable option. Now if I can just convince the Airstream dealer who does my maintenance work to consider such a job - - I am such a clutz with tools that attempting such a project isn't terribly practical - - I would probably destroy the rock guard trying to make the modifications.


barbwire 11-03-2002 03:26 AM

Those corner windows are of a lot of concern to me too. My brother laughed at me and told me my pockets where not deep enough to replace one of those. I was considering building one out of scrap aluminum I picked up for nothing. Can anyone post a link of what they look like and how they are attatched to the coach?


barbwire 11-03-2002 10:01 AM

Here is one I found.

Our windows go back further than this I think. I would be worried about the wind causing the aluminum to flap and damage the window.

overlander64 11-03-2002 10:13 AM

Minuet Front Window Rock Guards
Greetings Barbwire!

I have had a similar concern with any of the rock guards that I have seen. It makes me wonder if there ever was a factory rock guard offered for the Minuet series - - even Argosys in general. There isn't one mentioned in any of the factory literature that I have, but I know that isn't a definite indicator of the availability of such accessories. Given the fact that the Minuets are 8 inches narrower than their stablemates, it wouldn't surprise me too much if there never was a factory issue rock guard available.


COArgosy78 11-04-2002 10:07 AM

Sunglasses anyone??!!
Hello - We were interested in getting something to protect our front windows also. My husband was calling them wrap around sunglasses, but I think we are talking the same language. I just checked with our local AS dealer and he said those are "Still available"!!?? I asked for part # and pricing and he is to get back with me. I have also put in a call to the AS tech hotline and hope to get a call back to confirm the info.:cool: Leigh

overlander64 11-04-2002 01:58 PM

Minuet Front Window Rock Guards
Gretings Leigh!

I hope your dealer is correct. Mine didn't think that the currently available rock guards were narrow enough for the Minuets. He thought that the current rock guards would fit the standard Argosy line but not the Minuet. They weren't dealers at the time the Minuet was in production so aren't terribly familiar with the trailer.


Ken J 11-04-2002 05:40 PM


Talk to Charlie Burke in Boise. He has a really nice Argosy that he put factory rock guards on. Just brace yourself, they cost about $750. He can give you the part number. He also has a web site with pictures of his trailer. Really nice restoration.

barbwire 11-04-2002 06:17 PM

Hi Everyone,

Ken, could you post a link to Mr. Burke's web site. I would like to see a picture of these rock guards. You did not mention if this would fit the minuet. I will try a search too.

I would also be interested in a skirt quard for the lower part of the trailer. How are these attatched if anyone knows?

I plan to make my own guards instead of purchasing. I need to save money for a new axle. This winter I am researching the possibilities. I have a pile of scrap aluminum to work with.

I am learning all I can about the minuet. I finally got the antenna up today and tried it on FM reception. The vertical antenna on the side works just as well. I'm also working on a cell phone antenna on the top.

If anyone has any pictures please post them. A detailed description would also help.


3Ms75Argosy 11-04-2002 07:03 PM

Rock guards
I'm glad I'm not the only one afraid of the rocks! Although the Argosy owner's manual states "this new glass is resistant to stone chips and breakage," I'm not too sure. I wonder if anyone else has what I have around my front window though. Every four inches or so, there are "twist snaps" that work with a oval washer system. Put a oval shaped washer over the stud, and turn the stud to secure the washer. This system is for a padded fabric glass cover that you put on the front for travel and then remove at your destination. I'm considering making my own cover. The problem is that I cannot find the special oval washers to sew onto some fabric. There is a picture of another Argosy with this cover in the "Argosy trailers" section of Airstream Photos. I'll try to post.
O.k., I can't seem to figure it out........:confused:
I'll post the member's name after I find it.

3Ms75Argosy 11-04-2002 07:19 PM

The photo site
I went under Airstream Photos and searched "Argosy." There are two photos of interest to this tread. "Glyoungca" ahs the fabric guard I was talking about. "Michael and Holly" have "wrap sunglasses" - very cool!

Ken J 11-04-2002 07:23 PM

Charlies pictures are at:

barbwire 11-04-2002 11:13 PM

Thanks Ken, that is a great looking trailer Charlie has, and the window covers really set it off.

Here in central Montana every road to the mountains is gravel. I looked at the glass carefully in the Minuet I just bought, and there are some nicks in the glass. I believe they are resistant to chips and breakage, otherwise these windows would have been gone long ago. No twist clips on mine, but that is an idea. I'm not opposed to a fabric guard.

I'm not sue that putting a lot of money into a Minuet is a great idea. Lot's of folks prefer the double axel, if you have a flat you can still limp along and find someone to change it for you. That means alot to many. The light weight is a plus for me, but most folks seem to like the bigger trailers. I could put alot of money into this trailer, but would I ever get it out again? Right now I am being very frugal until I learn more about all this. Comments appreciated. :)

overlander64 11-05-2002 06:51 AM

Minuet Front Window Rock Guards
RE: Minuet Values

Greetings Barbwire!

To a large degree, I believe that we are in uncharted waters so far as the value of Argosy Minuets is concerned. It seems like interest in the Minuets has just begun to take off. I have heard some speculation that the Minuet might be the next Bambi, but I am VERY skeptical on that issue. With the Airstreams, the smaller single axle trailers, at least up until very recently, have commanded premium prices on either coast in the U.S. There seems to be a trend developing that is pushing the prices up on the larger tandem axle Vintage Airstreams, but there still seems to be a premium on the smaller trailers one either coast. Here in the Midwest, it seems that there isn't a great differential in the prices of unrestrored Airstreams of similar age and condition.

When I began restoration on my '64 Overlander in 1995, it was considered a rather chancy proposition as the larger tandem axle trailers rarely sold for more than $5,000 to $6,000 regardless of condition in my area. With restoration of that unit nearing completion, I know that my investment is more than the fair market value but the value has increased to the point that the differential isn't that unacceptable. I am approaching my Minuet in much the same way as I suspect that it will join my other long-term hobby vehicles. That is one of the reasons that I am trying to deal with the issue of a rock guard on the coach as I know replacing one of the wing windows would be costly and knowing my insurance company it would result in a battle over a proper replacement and the make-do of Lexan or similar products.


COArgosy78 11-05-2002 10:59 AM

Update on sunglasses
Ok, here is what I have so far from the local guy. Part #685275-100 is for the rock guard to cover all three windows: roadside, front and curbside. Cost here $564.22. Additional cost to install, but this is a job that can be done by a somewhat skilled mechnical enthusiast. No confirmation on info from AS tech hotline yet. That # is 877 596-6505 if anyone is inclined. I did double check with local parts man to make sure this is for Minuet and he double checked with AS, who said "yes". More to come... maybe?? Leigh:cool:

Ken J 11-05-2002 12:14 PM

On a related subject, what is everyone doing for lower stone guards. I've seen aluminium, stainless steel and canvas fabric. I bit the bullet for the nice smoked cover for the front window of my '75 - really nice and great quality - but now I'm trying to decide what I want on the lower front.

Aluminium or stainless would be nice but permanent, fabric would be easy to remove with snaps.

Airstream makes a nice set with hinges that are nice.

Decisions, decisions.

COArgosy78 11-06-2002 01:54 PM

Update #2
Well, they say always get a second opinion. I finally got a call back from AS. Here is the deal. The part listed above is correct, the two side (curb/road) windows will fit without modification, but apparently the middle window must be cut down to fit the Minuet's size. Not suppose to be a big deal???, but AS said they tell customers that info because they cannot take them back and dont want to be held liable when customer finds it wont fit right off!!

Ken J
Is there an e-mail or some way to get in touch with C. Burke to see if his is a Minuet? and if so, did he do the modification and how hard was it?

We also saw the pics of M and H Willifords 6 metre Minuet on pic forum, so know theirs is correct trailer, but did they add rock guard or buy it already installed? Does anyone know? I have e-mailed them in the past but have not heard anything since Sept. Leigh :confused:

Chas 11-06-2002 03:35 PM

I had the front glass tinted on my Minuet so I have one benefit of the rockguards which is the tint. The tint guy had a real challenge getting the curved ones done. They were done in 3 sections. I really wanted the real rockgards, just too steep for my blood. But I am somewhat concerned about the glass getting broke. Isn't there some kind of clear film that can be put on the glass to protect it? I think I saw something similar at a Subaru dealer, some sort of cling film that was cut to fit the glass composite headlamp units. Supposedly prevented stone chips and cracks. Maybe it can be had in larger rolls or sheets?

(Another tender spot on mine is the front bottom corners, next is mud flaps for my truck)

Ken J 11-06-2002 03:57 PM

Charlie is the parts manager for American Way RV (an airstream dealer) in Boise Id. He is a really great guy, your welcome to tell him I sent you if that helps. Anyway his number is 1-800-345-6651

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