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DavidsonOverlander 03-26-2006 08:11 PM

Axis Axle problem resolved
Some of you may remember from a previous thread that I had a problem with a pair of axles that I got from Axis last November. Here's a copy of that message from Nov. 20, 2005:

I picked up a pair of new axles from Axis a couple of weeks ago but due to the weather and other commitments I didn't get around to installing them until today. When I looked at them I realized that the new axles are not the same as the old ones.

The brackets appear to have been put on the wrong ends so they extend more to the back, but on the old axles the brackets are longer to the front of the axle.

The distance between the brackets is 1/8" greater on the new axles. The brackets on the axles have to fit between the axle mounts on the trailer and since the old axles were a tight fit I think this extra 1/8" would make it very hard to get the axles into place.

The distance between the mounting plates for the brakes is 3/4" less on the new axles, which I think means the tires would be 3/4" closer together.

How could they get this so wrong when they had the old axles to copy from? I'm glad I brought the old axles home, but I wish I'd looked at the new ones more closely when I picked them up.

I'll be calling them tomorrow to see how they can fix this problem.

After several phone calls to Chad at Axis I received a pair of new axles just after Christmas. One of them was fine, the other had a different angle on one end. Also the axles came with taxes and brokerage fees owing because they had been shipped across the border. I picked up the first pair and because I brought them across the border myself there was no tax to be paid. A few weeks after another call to Chad I received another axle that was correct, along with another bill for taxes and brokerage fees on that axle.

I faxed the receipts for the taxes and brokerage fees to Axis and recieved a check for the full amount last week.

The axles have been installed and after a trip to Myrtle Beach and back I'd say they appear to be fine. I haven't put the shocks on yet. When you install axles outside in February in our area you don't do any more than you have to!

The trailer sits about 2" higher measured at a point between the axles and now it looks level. Before the rear end was definitely lower than the front.

After 5 axles and 4 months we're back on the road.

StingrayL82 03-26-2006 08:15 PM

Glad to see it worked out for you in the end. Glitches happen sometimes. When they happen too much, then you need to be worried. Based on everything I've read on this forum, when it comes time to replace the axles on my Sovereign, I'm going with Axis.


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