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Silvertwinkie 03-23-2006 07:47 AM

2007 model year quality.....
As we once again wrap up the end of the current model year and near the beginning of the next model year, 2007, it's again time to get a new thread for our 2007 Streamers in place. If anyone picks up a 2007, please post any of the good, bad or areas that need improvement that you may find. This includes any and all titled 2007 Airstreams (Basecamps, Moho, Trailer).

It is important that you provide the build month and year. You can typically find that info on the streetside front of your coach on a little metal plate that is riveted to the outside shell. On that plate you will also find your GVWR and serial number. All we need off that plate is the month/year of manufacture.

Remember, this thread is ONLY for units that are titled as a 2007.

If you have a 2004 comment to share, please post it here:

If you have a 2005 comment to share, please post it here:

If you have a 2006 comment to share, please post here:

Hopefully we can continue track the quality improvements, identify trends and continue to share the information.

Thanks in advance for your participation.

Craftsman 06-21-2006 02:11 PM

2007 Airstream Quality
Any one bought or ordered a 2007 Airstream? Hows the quality looking??

2airishuman 06-22-2006 07:48 PM

hi craftsman and others

i think twink started one of his annual threads on this topic months ago...some where....

anyway i haven't purchased an 07 but did spend several hours inside a couple and went over both interior and exterior issues with my usual fine tooth comb.....

2 new classics and 2 new safari's with the special edition with the rear door....

fit and finish looked good...and on par with the improvements on 05 and 06s i've picked over...

the graphics look nicer imo on the 07s....
the classic have a new style wheel....i don't think it is made by alcoa...
on both trailer i looke over....
and this is odd.....
one wheel per side had a metal valve stem...
and all the other wheels had traditional rubber stems....
so on the triple it was 2/4 and the double 2/2...
i can't imagine why they did this...or if it was even intentional....
perhaps they are phasing out the metal stems...

several recent classics have shipped with brake lines that rubbed and leaked in transit....this has been addressed at jackson center, i am told.

the wood was very that it is hickory...also the carpet looked nice...different nap/color/pile.....anyway nicer....if carpet is to your wishes.

all classics are 'limited' for 07 but without all the bits from the limited package....and in blue trim/awnings...

the fixtures are antiqued brass finish...not real but stil they look good, and more substantial....

on the safaris the inside trim that i'd found loose or peeling on others trailers wasn't on the 07s.....but give 'em 5 months in the heat somewhere.....

body panels, rivets, trim and so on looked better to my eye on the 07s than most 05 and 06s i've seen/touched....

i think the warranty should be extended to 3 years and the padded ceilings are still and issue.......these should be changed or warranted longer....

mine is having issues at less than 1.5 years....


jcanavera 06-23-2006 09:22 AM

I just merged these two threads together. Thanks 2air for the reminder.


jcanavera 11-13-2006 09:28 AM

This thread has been around since March, so those of you with 2007 units. Post your experience here!


SilverGate 11-13-2006 10:43 AM

I’m considering ordering a 2007 23’ Safari SE LS…
But discussion in 2007 Safari SE sub-forum regarding its CCC has me concerned.
Seems like its Cargo Carrying Capacity (CCC) might be limited due to its frame strength…
And new Dexter axles.
Tossing around numbers is one thing, but I’d like to hear from owners of the 2007 23’ Safari…
Can you load everything that you need or want to take when camping?
Have you had any problems towing related to axle or frame?
How do rate the overall quality of the 2007 23’ Safari SE?
Are you happy with your choice or would you choose differently if you had it to do over again?

Silvertwinkie 11-13-2006 11:24 AM

Bill, I had a Bambi with a 4600lb GVWR. The reality is that there is just so much storage space to be able to put things that it alone will dictate what you can haul with you beyond the basics, unless you start putting things in the hall on the bed, etc. I packed pretty good with the Bambi and didn't have any issues. If I recall the 23' has dual axles which to me is an even bigger plus.

I thought that I read that Airstream went back to the Henschen axles, but I could be wrong. I also might be wrong on this, but my understanding was that the axles were the driving force behind the increased GVWRs. For example, my 25' Safari had a 6300lb GVWR. Each tire could hold well over 2000lbs each. The new 25's have a 7300lb GVWR which comes with an increased CCC.

Bottom line, the CCC and GVWR are important issues. Part of the equation is outlining what you'll want to bring with you. I don't think, under normal circumstances that the GVWR or CCC of the 23' would be much of an issue, but again, it all depends on what you want to bring with you. I say this because the 23' is very close to that of the 22' and the 22' has 1440 of CCC. I have far less than that with my 2004 25' SS. :)

CanoeStream 11-13-2006 12:35 PM

Yes, IIRC they returned to Henschens this last January-February after about 9-10 months of using Dexters. But Eric? Honolulu, Hawaii?? :D

A broad collection of production faults may point to common problems but realize that any single trailer will only have some of those issues -- and probably a few you never read about. The dealer will put the best face on your new Airstream, double checking electro/mechanical systems, cleaning it thoroughly, and preparing it for your pickup. Staying at or near the dealer is helpful as you climb the learning curve. Unless something very obvious is defective I would say 90% of items we might take issue with will take some time to become apparent. Bouncing the trailers along the road certainly led to a substantial list after I used my Safari for the complete spring & summer season this year. The two year warranty will be your friend.

Buzzy4 11-13-2006 12:52 PM

[quote=Canoe stream]Yes, IIRC they returned to Henschens this last January-February after about 9-10 months of using Dexters. But Eric? Honolulu, Hawaii?? :D

I took delivery on my Safari 25' FB SE in Oct. 2006. It has Dexter axels. My 2006 Safari built in May 2006 had Henschen axels.

As fo the fit and finish on my new trailer, there were many leaks. Mostly because of poor riveting. (What happened to the leak testing that Airstream touts.) The rear window gasket leaked and there was a bad leak at the shower door because of poor caulking on the inside bottom. It looked like a six year old did the work.

This goes beyond poor QC. and is more like no QC.

My dealer, Roger Williams in Weatherford, TX, did a great job of getting these problems fixed. It appears that AS is letting the dealers do the QC for them. With a good dealer the job gets done but is a great PITA for the owner.


JWeil 11-13-2006 12:56 PM

2007 Owner
We just bought a 2007 19' Safari Bambi SE. Date of mfgr is 9/06. The only issues we've had are a leak in a water pump seal that was addressed by the dealer when we took possession. We just noticed a small leak (approx 1/4 cup) per day buildup on the floor near the seat containing the water tank and pump. But an inspection of that compartment shows the floor to be dry, so I'm not sure whether this is water from another source. Have an appointment with the dealer to correct this. Another issue was the loss of two interior rivet heads, which the dealer will replace. Although we've slept in the AS several nights (in our driveway!), our maiden voyage is scheduled this weekend, in Joshua Tree.


mickleton 12-02-2006 03:49 PM

2007 Safari SE
I had a surprise today. I have already begun winterizing a couple of weeks ago. Blew the lines out and added anti-freeze to the traps. Since we do not use the fresh water tank. I decided to go ahead and add 3 gallons of RV anti-freeze to the tank and pump it until I get some pink through the faucets etc. Big mistake. I added the 3 bottles via a funnel through the fresh water fill inlet. After doing so, I ventured inside the trailer to turn the pump on. I noticed some water? No, anti-freeze on the floor near the bathroom sink. I cleaned up the spill or leak. A throw rug was in the immediate area and did a good job sopping up the Glycol. I also noticed something leaking from the outside of the trailer at the belly pan. On the curb side. I checked the cargo compartment. The diamond plate floor saturated. OK, bottom line.
I checked the area of the pump and noticed that the fill tube was off the fitting. Hose clamp freely sliding along the fill tube. Insulation saturated. Just as some of the insulation along the seam in the cargo department. Glycol drained toward the curb side as the trailer is not level side to side and leans about an inch. So I cleaned up everything. Then drove 10 miles to get some more anti-freeze. Bought 3 more bottles. Attached the inlet hose of course and added the bottles. No flow. Maybe not enough glycol in tank? Not sure. Never tried using before. I had drained all the water from the tank after taking delivery of the unit on Jun 30. That is about it. Don't know what to try next. Should I purchase more antifreeze.

The accordian door has never closed properly since taking delivery. Tried other Airstreams at a recent RV show. Worked fine. Not operator error. My salesperson said she would mail me new hardware, as my dealer was at the show in Atlantic City. She must have forgot.

The furnace takes about a half hour before it will light. But on the next cycle you better be on hand to turn off and turn on the furnace to make it light. I tried again last week and it took about 45 minutes, I was determined. It lit and got the trailer nice and toastie, but had to shut off as the CO alarm kept chirping. Open all hatches. Gave up.

Hey it could be worse. I could have purchased S.O.B and not even had a hose clamp included for the fresh water line.


2airishuman 12-02-2006 05:08 PM


Originally Posted by mickleton
Should I purchase more antifreeze. Larry


ok, hi larry

never put water in the fresh tank before? so the loose fill tube was a surprise.

check almost any of the winterizing threads here....

most suggest just putting antifreeze in the lines with a bypass kit or via the inlet hose to the water pump.

some in the traps, toilet bowl and b/g tanks...that's it.

it will take a dozen full tanks of fresh water to remove most of the anitfreeze..

since the tank never is completely driained, perhaps more...yikes.

hope there aren't too many other surprizes...


mickleton 12-02-2006 05:26 PM

That's right never
Don't boondock, hence the airstream and forget the tent. Since I will never use the fresh water tank, I don't mind flushing. Wish I could pump out of it. No use anyway if one can't pump out of it. Can't winter camp, neat furnace. Unlike those cheap SOB furnaces they must use.. Hey thanks for the tip.


peegreen 12-02-2006 05:47 PM

Larry,Purchase a kit to directly pump the antifreeze into the system instead of filling the fresh tank such as this; you'll be glad you did. It's a good idea to always carry some fresh water with you as you travel, stops for lunch, head break, flushing the black tank at the dump station when no water is provided - never know when an emergency may crop up. Take back to dealer and get furnace fixed or replaced - its operation is unacceptable. Don't be too hard on Airstream, they don't manufacture the furnace, they just install it.

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