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ghaynes755 09-24-2019 02:42 PM

CZone challenges
Question for folks with the CZone system.

About a month after getting my 2020 Classic 33 the CZone COI unit, that's the module that handles all of the 12volt stuff using the wall switches, started throwing a couple of strange errors.

On the display I started to get Awning Lt - Short Circuit, Awning Lt - Manual Bypass and Cabin Display - Device missing. Looking at the COI I saw red flashing light next to the Awning Lt circuit. Circuit seems fine if I put the fuse in the bypass position the lights come on. Flashing light sequence (7 flashes) indicates Short Circuit.

Trouble shooting with AS Jackson center didn't lead to any resolution. Checked all of the connectors on the NEMA backbone circuit. Shutdown the system and restarted.

So it was on the list for my Nov service appointment.

But coming home Friday when I got to my destination multiple new errors showed up. Blown Fuse for Shower Lts, Bedroom Accent Lts., Galley Lts., Vanity Lts, Main Ceiling Lts, Awning Lts, along with the Display Missing. Along with an expanded number of flashing lights on the wall control panels for the various items. Flashing code on the circuit (8 flashes) indicates a blown fuse. None of the fuses are blown and all work in the bypass mode.

Tried reloading the CZone config file to see if that would fix the issue. No change. Asked JC for the firmware file but not sure that they have one.

I've run through the CZone training materials, have all of the manuals for all modules, have the latest support/firmware package for the CZone and only remaining item to do would be run the firmware package to update all of the components.

After that it is a replacement of the COI.

So looking for others who have had issues, specifically with the COI, and how you got them resolved? Anyone had to have modules replaced?

PM me if you would like to discuss on a phone call.

uncle_bob 09-27-2019 04:00 PM


If you have not one so already, unplug each of the connectors and take a look at them. Do they have loose / bent pins? If so there's part of your problem. It's possible that connectors that *appear* to be mated aren't fully seated. Cycling them (plug and unplug) generally helps with this.

My guess - you have a cracked backplane or something similar. Only parts swapping will help.


ghaynes755 09-28-2019 02:10 PM

Bob, good thoughts. Yes everything connected, disconnected, software re-installed, reboots. Looks like it will be a bad COI. Today as another thought I simply disconnected the low voltage side, basically 10 circuits on a single Deutsch plug and after a refresh/reboot I was getting the same set of circuits flashing red saying they were over current. Kind of hard to have current with no connections :). And other circuits on the same connector are working fine. 6 of the 7 were working fine until last Friday.

Deutsch connectors are common in the automotive industry and are generally bullet proof and water tight. Since the latest worsening of the situation occurred while traveling from one camping spot to my home location there was no change in the connection.

Challenge is doing a swap of the COI. Support continues to want to have a dealer trouble shoot it and do the swap. Local dealer said I could bring it in in 4 weeks and they would need it for 4 weeks. So unless I hear something from CZone through JC then nothing will get fixed until I get there in November.

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