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smithzoo 09-16-2019 10:49 AM we bought an Airstream
Hello folks! I bought our first vintage camper, a 1959 FAN, off eBay 18 years ago. We spent about a year restoring it and have been enjoying it ever since. While we've been TCT members for a while, we just participated in our first rally last week and loved it.

A couple of years ago I purchased a 1963 Airstream Tradewind off Facebook and hauled her home. She was brought from Nevada about 15 years ago to Western New York, where she was parked and never left until I moved her. So she's never seen salt. She was a bit of a "party house" for the owner's kids. She suffered some abuse, windows were broken and the elements ravaged the interior. The plan is to gut her, alter the layout some to better suit our needs, and update her systems as we go.

So while I'm not new to the hobby, this is a big jump from the FAN which is like a cozy storage locker on wheels. Honestly, I'm just overwhelmed and am not sure where to start. I've repaired some windows, replaced the entry door handle and lock, but have gotten no further. My current plan is to ensure that she's watertight before removing her innards. I've got replacement vents to install. The original fridge vent looks like it was removed and jury-rigged, so I have to figure that out.

I'll be doing a lot of reading around here but I'm sure I will be looking to y'all for some suggestions, advice & encouragement.

Bill M. 09-16-2019 11:52 AM

Nice project to have.

Slats 09-16-2019 12:04 PM

If your mechanical skills line up with your photographic aptitude, you should have no problems. Nice composition in that shot.

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