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PDube 08-18-2019 06:33 AM

Zamp Solar on Basecamp
Hello, I recently purchased a 2017 Basecamp from a dealer (Coulton RV) and the previous owner removed the solar panels. I have a connector housing on the roof and a plug on the frame for a ground mount panel... inside the Basecamp battery box there are two wires but no controller anywhere.
I'm confused and don't understand where the wires go from the roof or frame plug. Shouldn't these wires all be connected to a controller? If the previous owner removed the controller, why don't I see any evidence of screw holes or loose wires? If the Basecamp was sold with pre-wired solar; could the controller be hidden somewhere and all I need to do is plug in roof panel and connect the two wires in the battery box? Where would the controller be located in the Basecamp?

Thank you

pcskier 08-18-2019 03:09 PM

The frame connector for portable panels *usually* go directly to the batteries, requiring the portable panel(s) to have their own charge controller...which they usually do, often mounted on the back of the panels. Check your manual to confirm all this (that the connector goes right to the should be able to tell even by just looking at what is wired to your batteries, and be able to located the wires from the connector).

For the previous factory panel installation, the charge controller would likely be located wherever your 'rat's nest' of wires are located...usually near the front of the trailer, on your basecamp somewhere under your galley equipment. This is where your wires from the batteries and the umbilical 7-way come in to the trailer. I wouldn't be surprised if the PO just removed the panels and left the controller, but confirm that obviously, and make sure everything is in place and hooked up.

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