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Hoagie 08-17-2019 08:25 PM

Route Recommendations
We are looking at making a quick trip from North Idaho to the Toledo, OH area and back in late September. Purpose of the trip is to visit my aging uncle and celebrate his 91st birthday. We don't plan on doing any sightseeing along the way.
We are close to I-90 in Idaho, so that is the logical place to start our route. However, I have no experience with what it might cost to tow our AS through the states with tolls on I-90, I-80 and other routes. Using Google maps it routes us south at Sioux Falls to Kansas City, then east/northeast on I-70 and I-69 into Ohio to avoid toll roads. This adds nearly 4 hours to the trip.
Anyone have any information on what it will cost to tow through the toll corridors if we take the 30 hour route? If we take I-80 or I-90 we end up traversing the Chicago metro area. So realizing traffic will be an issue, and toll rates probably change depending on time of day, any recommendations? What are the tolls like towing through this area?

For various reasons, our return trip we will be going north through Michigan, across the UP, and then west on US 2 and I-94 to I-90, so the only toll we'll have to deal with is crossing into the UP.

TIA for any ideas/assistance.

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