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PatLee 08-20-2019 07:37 AM

However, porpoising does not explain why or how the piece of Corian broke off the front of countertop edge to left of stove. My sliding cupboard above the Corian countertop was taped shut.

LakeState 08-21-2019 05:36 PM

airstream will soon be an "SOB"

Cobalt 08-21-2019 07:53 PM

I had a couple hour repair on my ‘19 International, called the “local” (~90miles), told them the issue (during off season); they asked me IF I BOUGHT IT THERE. Told them no and was quoted a month away. Called my dealer and was given a week away, so a day wasted and bunch of gas. But I love it.

leedav 08-21-2019 08:34 PM

My new 23fb has broken corian on the right rear side of the range. Dealer noticed it. Fix scheduled.

uncle_bob 08-21-2019 08:56 PM


Originally Posted by PatLee (Post 2279102)
However, porpoising does not explain why or how the piece of Corian broke off the front of countertop edge to left of stove. My sliding cupboard above the Corian countertop was taped shut.


It might if it got so severe that that there was significant flexing of the frame....


Bill M. 08-30-2019 07:28 PM

Hi Pat

wondering how the visit to Foley went? Hope the problems were resolved? Suggested causes?

PatLee 08-31-2019 12:25 PM

Hi Bill M,
Overall, the service I received at Foley's Airstream in Gulfport for 14 of 15 warranty items was excellent. The closet that fell off in the bedroom could not be repaired so they submitted it to Jackson Center for warranty replacement. My only beef with Foley is that they did not tell me up front that it would be 4-8 weeks before the closet would come in. Thinking that small closets would be stock items at the factory, I told the service coordinator I'd return after Labor Day for the replacement closet and would call ahead. He agreed. I wandered on to Jacksonville's Hanna State Park (with a stop in beautiful Destin, FL) for the weekend. With Dorian promising to come my way, I decided to return to Gulfport and wait for the cabinet. I called ahead and the supply / ordering person told me it would be weeks before the closet came in. I asked if it could be re-directed to another Airstream dealer closer to me but no, the only option she had was to cancel the order; and I would have to go my AS dealer of choice, make an appointment and get them to re-order the closet. Side note: These type items are not made in advance and stocked at the factory. The warranty-ordered items are the last to be built on their to-do list, usually built at end of month after they get ordered ASs out the door and everything else is done. I don't mind that it will take weeks; I mind that the service coordinator did not know about how long it would take as I probably would have headed home to a local dealership to get the closet replaced. BUT - I'm not complaining too much. As it was, I had a long overdue visit with a dear friend in Jax who has chronic cancer. I really do believe that things work out for a reason so don't take my complaint too seriously.
Thanks for asking.

Bill M. 09-01-2019 09:04 AM

Thanks for the update. Glad you got some of it fixed. I guess you can live with a big box on the floor instead of a cabinet for a while. Good luck with the weather. Now it looks like the storm is going out up the coast.

PatLee 09-02-2019 05:37 AM

Bill M - broke camp at Jax on Friday to move away from Dorian and ended up in nice spot at Skidaway Island near Savannah, GA. I feel like Dorian is following me and given that itís been111 days on the road so far Iíve decided to start home versus going on to Hatteras, NC. Thanks for your interest. BTW - the closet fits perfectly in back seat of my truck. Pisses me off every time I see it.

CCharbonneau 09-08-2019 07:09 PM

It Would Piss Me Off, Too

Originally Posted by PatLee (Post 2283940)
Bill M - broke camp at Jax on Friday to move away from Dorian and ended up in nice spot at Skidaway Island near Savannah, GA. I feel like Dorian is following me and given that itís been111 days on the road so far Iíve decided to start home versus going on to Hatteras, NC. Thanks for your interest. BTW - the closet fits perfectly in back seat of my truck. Pisses me off every time I see it.

Not only that, I would really resent it if after laying out the $$ for a new AS, I had to duct tape the whole thing together before I moved it.......

steelbird312 09-09-2019 08:33 AM

whats beating the trailer up?

Originally Posted by PatLee (Post 2279101)
Iíve also been thinking about what caused this. It must have been the porpoising I had on parts of I-10 between New Orleans and Pensacola. In the truck it was just a gentle undulation , almost a ďfunĒ sensation, but looking back at trailer, it was much more pronounced. The road itself was smooth but undulating, especially on the causeways. I think with every dip, everything in the cupboards and shelves were bouncing up and down, falling out. From what was on floor, even the latched down door above my frig must have opened and shut as my coffee filters were on the floor. I thought I was going slow (60) but obviously, it wasnít slow enough.

I propose to you:
Look at the GVWR on your trailer.
Look at the tires you have (if Goodyear Endurance-then look up on the internet the load wieght chart)
Hoping you have not loaded your trailer past the GVWR, divide that number by 4 and realize that is approx the weight you have on each tire and considering the weight on your hitch, it is probably less.
For the sake of example IF your trailer is rated 7500LBS GVWR, the tires would be expected to carry 1900 lbs or less each. The GOODYEAR produced load rating chart says you need around 45 psi in each tire COLD! if you are towing with 80 psi, then that could be your problem!!! The tires would be like hard basketballs! Every bump, road joint, pot hole, etc is beating it apart.
This post will undoubtedly create a lot of opinions. You have a problem, so address it by going with the statistics. if questionable, call Goodyear customer service. If you doubt the concept, check with the Vintage Trailer about bulkheads puncturing the ceiling.
My 10,000lbs Classic calls for 65 psi and it pulls extremely smooth.
Hope this helps

steelbird312 09-09-2019 08:51 AM

PatLee, here is a quote from Andy, owner of Inland RV concerning hard riding Airstreams.
the axles when hitting a bump, will transfer almost all of that shock to the shell.

"Excessive rated hitch bars as well as excessive rated tow vehicles, also send "road shock" to the trailer.

Any one of those, causes damages.

Combine 2 of those and trouble will happen in short order.

Some of the issues, when the trailer is being pounded by shock are:

Loss of exterior and interior rivets.

Fatigue cracking of the shell metal.

Fatigue cracking the frame.

Rear end separation.

Water leaks.

Broken copper water lines.

Broken copper tubing in the roof AC.

Broken wiring, both 120 and 12 volts.

Loose wiring connections.

Damaged furniture.

Furniture pulling away from the walls.

Punctures in the ceiling from bulkheads.

Broken and/or cracks in the A-frame.

Cracks in the black, gray and fresh water tanks.

Damage to the segment protectors.

And, the list goes on and on."

Bill M. 09-09-2019 08:53 PM

Pat: Did you come through the hurricane okay? Not going to Hattras sounds like a life saver. I hope you really did not go there?

PatLee 09-10-2019 03:09 PM

Hi steelyard 312: Advice I received throughout my 115-day road trip this summer (from AS owners and AS dealerships) agree and disagree with your input above (which I sincerely do appreciate). Your last salvo documenting Andy's dire warnings about what can happen if the tires are over-inflated or trailer overloaded, left me conflicted enough that I called tech support at AS Jackson Center today to discuss it. I was reassured that the Goodyear Endurance tires should be inflated to 80 psi; and if road conditions are rough, then to lower psi but not more than 5 psi (to 75). BTW - this advice agrees with what the AS service tech in Caldwell, ID told me when they serviced my trailer back in July. One of their 5-rivet checks includes checking tire pressure and at that time, my tires were at 65 (based on forum advice). The service tech came out to talk to me about this, said at 65 psi, Airstream considers the GYE tires 'flat'; and he intended to inflate them to 80 psi. We discussed this for a minute and agreed to 75 psi which supported what I heard today from Tech support at Jackson Center.
Regarding trailer weight: The front bedroom twin configuration (as repeatedly noted in the forums) makes for a heavy tongue weight so I travel light. There is not a day that goes by on the road that I do not evaluate trailer contents, (clothing, shoes, dishes, electronics, tools, hiking gear, etc). for weight, fit, how many times used, is it necessary or 'nice to have', etc. I routinely leave "charity items" on campsite picnic tables when I break camp. I always travel with empty black and grey tanks but with fresh water full as it sits over the axle. Last summer, I took advantage of Blue Ox's offer in Pender, Nebraska to weigh the hitch and it was almost 1200 pounds, even with my 'traveling light philosophy'. Twin beds, the large overhead cabinet across the aisle, two large propane tanks, 4 underbed storage cabinets, the generous-sized nightstand, the huge exterior front compartment and the black and grey tanks - no wonder, right?!
As you suggested, I checked GVWR for my trailer and it's 6,000 pounds. My F-150's payload is 1737 pounds and has the max tow package. My hitch weight is 1175 pounds. I travel alone, (146 pounds). I store the 30 amp electrical cord, plastic leveling blocks, and a lightweight garden hose in the large front exterior storage, period. No grill, no generators. The heaviest things in the back of my truck is a folding 37-pound electric bike.
I've got an appointment with Jackson Center in January 2020. I'll get my bedroom closet replaced then and other warranty items done; and I'll talk to them about all of the above and how to continue improving my trailering skills. Thanks all!

PatLee 09-10-2019 03:14 PM

Hey Bill M! Yes, I came through fine. After Savannah, I stayed two nights at Oceana Pine RV park at NAS Oceana, Virginia Beach and then finally headed home to DC, always about 2 days ahead of Dorian. I'll stop in Hatteras on my way back from Key West in January. Take care.

Bill M. 09-10-2019 03:52 PM

Glad to hear you dodged the weather. We are home also. Got back to Tennessee last night. No bad weather for us all summer.

steelbird312 09-10-2019 07:15 PM

PatLee, I have a few years with Airstreams, about 23. I probably have more miles than their present tech bunch (Haha, tongue in cheek). I have had the opportunity to spend several hours on the phone with reps from several tire companies, and am stymied with Airstreams position, which I am aware of. Personally, I think that is nothing more than leftover reaction to the Marathon situation from years back. My biggest question to Airstream would be 'why would the manufacturer of a tire, millions of them, give specific guidance through the load rate chart they publish just to have the manufacturer of a camper say the tire engineers dont know what they are talking about. I know you have to make a decision, it's your decision to make and I respect that.
I just do not understand some of Airstream's actions and thoughts. I guess it all started back in 2000 when they sold 2000 Airstream 390 XL motor homes that, out the door, the weight on the front axle was more than the front axle was rated for! Yes, I was one of the owners of one of those that, after months of waffling, were provided larger front tires and a sticker to place on the front dash that upgraded the front axle to 400 lbs above what mine weighed with my bride and me sitting in the front seats. With the lack of Airstream performing quality control documented on a daily basis here on the forum, I am suspect. Might I encourage you to spend a few moments with the customer service people at Goodyear concerning the accuracy of the load rate chart.
Now lastly, thank you for your communication to me concerning all this and especially what the folks at Airstream said about the tire pressures, being considered flat if at 65.
Curiosity - you have had your tongue weight checked- I applaud you for that- What is the GVWR on your unit?
I sincerely hope you get your cabinet situation taken care of.

steelbird312 09-10-2019 08:06 PM

Oh, meant to send this:

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