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PatLee 08-15-2019 06:04 AM

Need Repairs on the road
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I have repairs to get done on the road i.e. short closet over twin fell off; inoperable shower fan; refrigerator panel buckling outwards; possible leak (puddling of water on nightstand after hard driving rain in New Orleans); and my door is acting funny. I called the Airstream factory yesterday and soonest they can do repairs is December which is a non-starter for me. Could you all recommend an Airstream dealer that you had a great experience with and would trust to do this work? I am currently in New Orleans, traveling to Pensacola for a stop in Fort Pickens and Mystic Springs Cove Airstream Park; on to Tallahassee and then lallygagging up the east coast to DC. Many thanks!

xrvr 08-15-2019 06:14 AM

Foley airstream.

GMFL 08-15-2019 06:57 AM

I would give FOLEY a shot.

uncle_bob 08-15-2019 08:09 AM


It is not at all unusual to find an RV dealer pretty fully booked this time of year. The typical response is going to be "we'll get you in as quick as we can". Translated that could be a week or three.

Once they "get you in", they will figure out what's needed in terms of parts. If it's something that isn't in stock, it then gets ordered. More often than not, that's a "many weeks" sort of thing. Then you are back into the line for a slot in the repair bays.


I'd try another call to JC along with an mention that this is a *2019* with a number of issues ....


ROBERT CROSS 08-15-2019 10:18 AM

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....That things still fall apart. 😟
Maybe a independent cabinetmaker could offer a better & quicker solution.🤔
Would AS improve the installation?:huh:


pianolaw 08-15-2019 11:26 AM

Sanders RVs Alachua (near Gainesville) FL

Lily&Me 08-15-2019 11:44 AM

Another vote for Foley.

If they canít get you in, ask if they can recommend someone.

Good luck.


PatLee 08-15-2019 03:10 PM

Thanks all. Iíve got an appt with Foleys in Gulfport, MS next Thursday.

retiree 08-15-2019 05:30 PM

From my experience, Foley is the best AS service center along your route east.

WhereStream 08-15-2019 05:46 PM

Foley RV in Gulfport, Mississippi, for sure.

Speaking from experience, they do good work and are nice people.

fotoman1527 08-15-2019 08:11 PM

If for some reason you donít get everything resolved at Foleys, with which I am unfamiliar, Sanders is excellent. Either way, send them your pictures so they can order what you need. Good luck!

PatLee 08-16-2019 06:17 AM

I will send photos to Foley's. Thanks everyone for your recommendations!

Nelson428 08-16-2019 10:44 AM

Iíd call Foley. Great service. Sammyís in repair is super great at what he does ďFIX AIRSTREAMSĒ

HHPJ 08-16-2019 05:27 PM

This recommendation is based on first hand experience:

If you have the time, I would go to JC and talk to the service manager there. Not the counter staff, the JC Service Manager.

I saw first hand, twice, where two people showed up with problems similar to you and they were in in a couple of days.

One couple first called from the portal and was denied. I suggested to them to show up first thing in the morning with a few phone pictures and plead your case. They did and was in the next day.

It’s a lot easier to decline a service request on the phone then when you appear in the flesh with a unusual warranty problem. Especially a new unit.

mikeinca 08-16-2019 05:49 PM

Very sorry to hear of your issues and hope you can get everything resolved ASAP.

Sidebar: The cabinet in the customer's new International FELL OFF and you can't deal with it until DECEMBER!?? C'mon Airstream!:bash:

PatLee 08-17-2019 08:33 AM

While intrigued with the posterís recommendation to show up in JC and throw myself on their mercy to fit me in soonest (versus December), I am afraid they might NOT take me in until December. And going there would effectively end my summer odyssey. Iíll take my chances on Foley. BTW - there was a piece of Corian on the floor when I entered the AS yesterday. It looks like it fits to left of the oven at the front edge. Nothing had fallen out of cupboard above which I keep duct taped when I travel.

uncle_bob 08-18-2019 07:24 AM


Something very unusual is shaking your AS to pieces. The bigger question in all this is - what is that shaking coming from? Indeed, you can overload the cabinets and that is another possibility. Unless you travel with the billion dollar family fortune in gold bricks, it's pretty hard to do .... :)


frechettec 08-18-2019 03:39 PM

A/S Dealer
Also try 165 BUSINESS PARK DR.
(800) 779-2957

frechettec 08-18-2019 03:44 PM

Airstream Dealer
Also try
(800) 779-2957


PatLee 08-20-2019 06:30 AM

Iíve also been thinking about what caused this. It must have been the porpoising I had on parts of I-10 between New Orleans and Pensacola. In the truck it was just a gentle undulation , almost a ďfunĒ sensation, but looking back at trailer, it was much more pronounced. The road itself was smooth but undulating, especially on the causeways. I think with every dip, everything in the cupboards and shelves were bouncing up and down, falling out. From what was on floor, even the latched down door above my frig must have opened and shut as my coffee filters were on the floor. I thought I was going slow (60) but obviously, it wasnít slow enough.

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