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Dave Cole 10-07-2002 12:48 AM

compartment doors
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Thought someone out there might be interested in an exploded view of the compartment door locks from my '69. I opened one up to see if i could retrofit the cylinder and handel from a new one i bought at Lowes (garage door handle) no luck. The new handle set-up will work as a unit, though it is not the same as the original and will require some modification. anyhow, here is the pic for anyone interested.

Dave Cole 10-07-2002 12:50 AM

the rest of it
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here is the side view of same.

thenewkid64 10-08-2002 06:32 AM


Have you tried a Marine store for your replacement locks? I was in one yesterday and the had a T handle lock that looked very much like the one you have pictured above. I think the price was less the $10.00. Just another possible source.

LittleGreen1 11-01-2016 12:17 PM

Removing the pin?
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Hi Dave,

Any suggestions on removing the pin that's in the exploded photo you provided? I tried lubricating it and tapping it out with a nail set, but the pin seemed like it was starting to mushroom, so I stopped.


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