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Gadget 07-25-2019 12:26 PM

Our New...Old 2001 34ft Limited
Since I am new this is a question with a comment. We found this gem in a friends back yard and hauled it home. Everything is original. As we do the first cleaning out and Mike starts removing curtains then couches then wooden frames, I wonder if it is of interest to anyone? Do I post here or in another section?


PS so far every mechanical item works but the bedroom windows and air conditioner leaked The carpet is like new but as of this morning it gets ripped out. Some black mold in a couple places. I don't think it is healthy to leave it. A steam cleaning crew coming today to do the walls and the fabrics. Blinds, curtains and bedspread at the cleaners. Lots of rust in the outside non-aluminum metal parts. Mike has a bead blaster so will make quick work of those as he replaces all the window gaskets. I have cleaned for almost 50 hours- can't believe it when it is just dust, dirt and dead bugs. None of it is horrible.

Have a good day everyone

A W Warn 07-25-2019 12:51 PM

Some of the black marks on the walls is aluminum powder from the rivets that works its way through the wall covering (looks like mold). Be careful to not create unnecessary work.
We all enjoy sharing your experiences. Post as much as you like.

Gadget 08-12-2019 08:08 AM

Another Update
We continue to clean and remove parts. There was a dead circuit on the kitchen side. So far we found a screw through the wire and also rodent damage to all wires around the water heater. That led to inspection and removal of the bed frame, toilet, etc. The next step is the kitchen counters to access wires.
We have the new auto fans for the bath and LR and ordered the maxim skylights for hall and front.
We had the entire inside and awnings professionally cleaned. If you are anywhere in the Portland, Oregon area and want awnings cleaned I cannot say enough positive comments about Kelly’s clean-right mobile services. Husband and wife team. Extremely knowledgeable and just do not quit until things are spotless. Experienced cleaning mouse pad. 503-312-3901.
For blinds and curtains Cash’s cleaners has been here since the beginning of time. They also have years of experience and spiffed my drapes and day/night blinds back to near perfect condition. They have a person who restrings them too. 503-654-3939.
Both were very reasonably priced in my opinion.
The carpets, sadly have to go. Kelly got almost all the black water stains out but there is still patches of black mold to remedy and some of it is tucked under bedroom and living room wood partitions. That means more dismantling and a new floor. I want infinity woven vinyl but still looking at vinyl planks. Been searching all the threads.
Mike can do anything mechanical or construction due to years of trailers boats and house building/refurb. He is thinking of ways to permanently seal the plywood. He mentioned fiberglass but I think it’s brittle. Hope your day is super special!

Gadget 08-12-2019 08:11 AM

Cleaning awnings
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They used a truck mounted monster machine with 50 different cleaners arranged by fabric type! Kelly’s mobile service.

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