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Overstreet 07-07-2019 08:48 PM

I prefer to be done driving by 4pm. Get set up. Go paddle. Go to dinner. Sit by the fire pit with an adult beverage. Driving later just doesn't have the fun sound of the other things.

I used to drive to St Louis from Jacksonville Fl. in one day, 930 miles, 13 hours +/-. But there was a woman involved and I was young.

These days I take the woman with me in our well equipped AS. We're both retired. Why work at it?

nvestysly 07-07-2019 09:52 PM

If were driving from point A to B and not doing any sightseeing our driving time (and number of miles) is very dependent on what time of day we depart and time of year for us.

On travel days we keep our departure simple - hitch up the night before, dump if possible, disconnect the water hose. All we have to do is disconnect from shore power and go.

If we get an early start we can travel quite a few miles and Ill even stop and take a nap.

In the winter, the shorter daylight hours mean were off the road before it gets dark when we stay at a campground or shortly after dark if were stopping overnight in a Cracker Barrel.

In the summer we start earlier and can drive later. Plenty of time for stops - stretching, lunch, nap, etc.

Of course all of this changes if were sightseeing as we travel. Some days we may only travel 100 - 150 miles.

DonRich7878 07-09-2019 10:34 PM


Originally Posted by PCJ (Post 2261160)
We're full timers so we go close to the 2, 2 & 2 rule which is always end the day by 2 PM, don't drive more than 200 miles and stay at least 2 days.

I like this rule, and would like to add "travel only on 2 lane roads"...

Pahaska 07-09-2019 11:38 PM

My wife does not drive the Interstate. I plan on 300-350 miles per day for most routes. I'll stretch the top to 375 or even 400 if the route is rural interstate and RV parks are few. I travel at 65 mph max off-interstate and 70 max mph on interstate. Over 70, my fuel usage goes up to the point that there is no overall gain with more frequent and longer stops.

We leave early and stop early. I like to be on the road by 8 AM and tied up for the night by about 3 PM.

I like to have reservations or be sure there is space available outbound. I'm usually more lax coming home. I do not travel on holidays except when absolutely necessary.

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