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jmellana 06-29-2019 11:46 PM

Fuse Location and Type for 1974 International Trailer Refirgerator
I have a 1974 International travel trailer (27') with the original refrigerator. The unit just very recently stopped refrigerating reliably. Electric power works for all other trailer functions. The trouble-shooting section for the 1974 SERVICE manual (as opposed to the separate "Owner's Manual" for the same model and year) states on its p. 95 that one possible issue ( No. 10 of 13 ) could be "Break in Electrical Circuit" , and that possible remedies could be "Check fuses, switches, wiring" etc.

Sounds possibly simple enough, until I find that I can't tell WHICH fuse is dedicated to the refrigerator, AND what the proper rating for this fuse should be ! The image in the "OWNERS Manual" of both the "Univolt" Low Voltage Distribution Panel ( p. 65 ) AND the list of the "Fuses and Circuit Breakers" (p. 67) also offer no clear indications of what to do. I'm assuming here that the Univolt circuit board located underneath the cookstove is the only location for circuits I should have to work with on this problem (another thing that is NOT clear in either manual). Please Help !

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