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SPARKLE19 06-28-2019 08:55 AM

A/C Longevity
I have seen much on the soft start system regarding how it enables A/C startup and operation with smaller generators but...
I wonder if anyone has knowledge about the added advantage of maybe prolonging the life of the unit. Less inrush current I.e., less wear and tear on the compressor. I understand the Dometic cannot be recharged, if it breaks buy a new one. I will be soon be adding a similar, less costly, soft start apparatus to my home A/C. My service guy explained that he has experienced much better life span for units with a soft start. Also less inrush equals lower power consumption. Thoughts?

CRH 06-28-2019 09:10 AM

My 1995 has its original Dometic...No soft start, though

pcskier 06-28-2019 09:19 AM

I seem to remember reading somewhere Matteo (the engineer for Micro Air who has chimed in here a lot) saying it wouldn't impact compressor life. But intuitively, you'd think it would just because it starts so much more quietly.

Bill M. 06-28-2019 09:21 AM

On the camper you can only hope. I have an Easy Start on mine and personally do not think it will make it last longer. But maybe. Home units seem to have a better service life. Camper units seem to be a luck of the draw sort of thing in how well it is made to start with.

TG Twinkie 06-28-2019 11:21 AM

My '74 Argosy has the original Armstrong AC unit. It still works. No soft start.
To bad they don't build them like they use to.

J. Morgan 06-28-2019 02:02 PM

A/C Longevity

Originally Posted by TG Twinkie (Post 2258091)
My '74 Argosy has the original Armstrong AC unit. It still works. No soft start.
To bad they don't build them like they use to.

Ditto for my 72..... it still cools well, but the lightning strike it took last year has for sure taken a toll..... (It blew the capacitors out, now it sounds different)

I'll use it till it breaks down, replace it with a Coleman, and then rebuild the Armstrong as it's replacement.

I run it on generator frequently, never any problems.

uncle_bob 06-28-2019 02:10 PM


It is equally likely that the soft start will degrade the life as that it will extend it. Putting less start power in means running in start mode for more time .....


SeaLevel 06-28-2019 02:55 PM

I don't know if it has anything at all to do with the EasyStart, but I just had to replace my AC yesterday because of a failing compressor (pulling too little current and no longer cooling efficiently) in a 3.5 year old unit. The EasyStart had been installed for 2+ years. I removed it from the old unit, but haven't yet installed it in the new one since it voids the 2 year warranty.

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