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turk123 06-26-2019 09:22 PM

Long-range victron smarty! All about the solar.
I purchased a Victron dongle for my 2019 classic MTTP controller. It works fine and allows me to use my iPhone for solar data. After reading a few articles on the Victron site, I realized that the temperature issue was not being addressed by the controller. I bought the Smart sense battery monitor to add to the Battery bank and transmit the temp and voltage to the dongle and ultimately the MTTP controller. Victron says that it will make the controller even more efficient.

I ran into a problem with the smart sense as it would only transmit about 6 feet. The Bluetooth was not strong enough to make it to the MTTP controller.

I called Victron and they said I needed the long-range version of the smart sensors, the blue one. I ask how much it was and they said the same price of $39. I ask why they even sell the other one and he said, " That's a good question!". I am returning the one I have and I just ordered the long range version. Sheeessshhh!!.

turk123 07-08-2019 07:24 AM

As a followup, I received the new "long range" temp and voltage dongle. I installed it in the battery box and tested with connecting it with the other Victron dongle under the wardrobe. It did not have enough power to reach :(.

The dongle that is under the wardrobe (hooked to the Blue solar controller) has a cord about 4 feet long. I routed it up into the wardrobe and mounted it on the right side of the wardrobe as high as I could get it. I also brought the temp dongle out of the battery box and mounted it on the side of the box. It is epoxy watertight. The temp dongle can now see it.

Part of the problem is the temp dongle is in the battery case and shielded. The entire trailer skin is a big shield also. Having the solar controller dongle below the wardrobe with interference with all the other electronics also may play a part in it not connecting.

At least it works now.

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